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Liqueurs have a unique and varying history. Some whose origins go back over five hundred years and tend to have their roots in the many religious orders throughout Europe. And today the old order is now skilfully supported by dozens of liqueurs being released by the more modern of our distilleries. Two good xamples of famous old traditional liqueurs would be "Chartreuse" established in the early eighteen hundreds and Benedictine which goes all the way back to the early Fifteen Hundreds. Two more modern examples of well known and popular liqueurs would be "Baileys Irish Cream" and "Jagermeister." Alexander Hadleigh Wine Merchants, Southampton, Hampshire,UKk stock an extensive range sourced from around the world of both old and new style liqueurs.

Liqueurs fall into several ingredient types, the most popular types being fruits, nuts, herbs, spices, coffee and creams. The most popular liqueurs tend to be based on spirits such as brandy (cognac), whisky, rum etc. Neutral spirits also work well and favoured and utilized in large quantities buy the larger volume liqueur brands.

Many liqueurs are produced through the infusion or steeping method, employing fruits or flowers for example and incorporating with either water or alcohol. Many other liqueurs can be produced through distillation and utilising aromatics for flavouring the mixtures. Different producers will follow their own traditional craft and style to perfect a continuity in their products and with an expression which is often well recognised by their loyal followers.

Besides the enjoyment of liqueurs in their own right or as an after dinner drink, many liqueurs now feature and play an important role in the formation or are the key ingredient of Cocktails. The versatility and different flavours of liqueurs are a Bar Tenders delight and are the basis of some of the World’s most amazing cocktails of all time.

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Galliano L Autentico Liqueur,

Galliano L Autentico Liqueur is a vibrant yellow liqueur made from infusing over 30 herbs and spices in alcohol, tastes of liquorice and honey,

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500ml £28.45

Kings Ginger Liqueur

The distinctive smooth ginger flavour is balanced by a pleasing clean , dry finish

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500ml £28.48

Honey Liqueur, A.V Wees,

A liqueur produced from pure honey , combining cold & warm infusion to ensure the product contains a full spectrum of aromas & flavours.

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500ml £28.75

Amaro, Bepi Tosolini, Italy,

Amaro from Bepi Tosolini in Italy is a refined liqueur through the maceration in ash barrels of 15 different alpine herbs with acquavite and pure alpine water,

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500ml £30.35

Strega Italian Liqueur

Italian liqueur,the Witches Brew. The main ingredient of many cocktails, a classic herb base with its bright colour coming from the addition of saffron, one of the 70 herbal ingredients,

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700ml £30.92

Mirabelle Plum Eau De Vie Classique Nusbaumer Alsace France

Mirabelle Plum Eau De Vie Classique Nusbaumer Alsace France is made from Nancy Mirabelle, a small yellow plum with pink speckles that is sweet and fragrant with a honeyed taste

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350ml £31.30

Licor 43,Cuarenta Y Tres

All the flavour and mystery from the Mediterranean. Excellent in cocktails like Cuba Libre, or even try in hot chocolate.

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700ml £31.50

Mandarine Napoleon French Liqueur

A powerful liqueur made from select mandarins and fine spirit

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700ml £32.00

Aguardiente Orujo Pazo Spain

Aguardiente Orujo Pazo Spain is a brilliant, clean and crystalline, of intense aroma and complex, standing out notes of cool grass, apple and tones anisados. In mouth is powerful, warm and full of flavour, with a postgusto long and persistent.

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700ml £32.95

Cold Brew Coffee Liqueur, Conker Spirits,

Cold Brew Coffee Liqueur, Conker Spirits is the coffee liqueur for true coffee lovers. No flavourings or imitation - just Grade 1 forest grown speciality Ethiopian and Brazilian coffees, a touch of Demerara sugar and Conker\'s distilled British Wheat spirit,

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700ml £33.10

Agwa Coca Leaf Liqueur Bolivia,

Agwa Coca Leaf Liqueur from Bolivia uses the Spirit of Bolivia from fresh cocoa leaves crafted with 17 herbs,

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700ml £34.79

Grand Marnier Liqueur,

Grand Marnier is a blend of the finest cognacs and the essence of tropical oranges. A subtle & distinctive flavour, enjoyed neat, on ice, in cocktails,

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700ml £35.10

St Germain Elderflower Liqueur,

St Germain Elderflower Liqueur is a light fruity and citrusy elderflower liqueur. Great on its own over ice but also splendid with cold Sauvignon Blanc, Champagne or Gin! Made from elderflowers handpicked in the Alps. Just fantastic.

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700ml £36.05

Limited Stock

Qi White, Exotic Oranges & White Tea Liqueur,

Handcrafted from a selection of exotic oranges, spices and the delicate new buds of white tea, a rare and prized tea with sweet and earthy overtones

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750ml £37.98

Limited Stock

Qi Black, Smoked Black Tea Liqueur,

Handcrafted from cedar-smoked Lapsang Souchong tea, rare fruits and invigorating herbs. Serve neat over ice or in smoky cocktails. Unusual and very special.

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750ml £37.98

Out of Stock

Apricot Brandy XO,De Kuyper

Made from the finest apricots blended with extra old cognac

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700ml £38.18

Out of Stock

Xanath Vanilla Liqueur,

Xanath Vanilla Liqueur is a hand crafted nectar obtained from the best vanilla beans only found in the region of Totonacapan. The nose picks-up aromas of ristretto with sweet vanilla syrup and dark chocolate. The taste is full and rich with flavours of crème brulee mixing with warm croissants and marshmallow. Lots more vanilla with hints of warm cardamon spice are there at the finish.

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700ml £39.73

Benedictine Dom French Liqueur,

Benedictine Dom French Liqueur is A sweet French herbal liqueur which was made by monks up until the French revolution,

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700ml £39.95

Chartreuse Yellow Liqueur,

Chartreuse Yellow Liqueur is made from natural products and has a milder and sweeter taste than the Green version. Scent of woodland flowers, pronounced honey flavour with a delicate balance of sweetness and alcohol.

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700ml £43.65

Out of Stock

Chartreuse Green Liqueur,

A spicy peppery nose with complex herbal and floral aromas. Hints of peppery mint. From a secret blend of 130 plants, slowly aged in oak casks,

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700ml £49.98

Louis Alexandre Grand Marnier Liqueur France

An original blend of fine old cognac with the essence of exotic bitter oranges.

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700ml £54.20