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ARMAGNAC………this is a French brandy known as number two when compared to its near neighbour COGNAC.

Most devotees of fine brandy will tell you they are certainly different, but undeniably equals. The two brandies utilise in the main different grapes and armagnac's base wine is made from a blend of several grape varities, while cognac is produced mainly from one variety Ugni Blanc. The variation in distillation and maturation techniques all lend to their differences. Although another similarity between both brandies, is that, most of what is produced is blended, with a primary objective of providing customers with consistant and reliable quality brandies year in year out.

Armagnac (Brandy of D'Artagnan) is produced in the Pays de Gascogne region in the South West of France. The area is made-up of three sub-regions………"Bas-Armagnac," "Tenareze" and "Haut-Armagnac." Some experts like to compare the three sub-regions, others will compare the individual Armagnacs of the producers collectively from within all three regions.

A good pointer to quality are the label designations of VS, VSOP and XO which are the same for both Armagnac and Cognac. Another quality indicator can be the vintage of an Armagnac, the vintage or age should represent the number of years the brandy has been maturing in wood. Armagnac styles and taste can vary enormously from one producer to another and a VSOP from one producer can taste superior to a XO from another distillery, but much is down to one's own taste profile when selecting a good quality Armagnac or Cognac.

Alexander Hadleigh Wine Merchants, Southampton, Hampshire, UK do offer a wide and varied selection of Armagnac brandies, including VS, VSOP, XO, vintage and aged. Our fine Armagnacs from all three sub-regions will match and suit most budgets and are available online or from our Southampton Wine Shop.

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Janneau VS Tradition Grand Armagnac,

Janneau VS Tradition Grand Armagnac is a blend of a number of fine armagnacs aged in French oak for four years which in turn produces a fine well balanced typical armagnac.

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700ml £27.63

Chateau de Laubade Signature VS Bas Armagnac,

Chateau de Laubade Signature VS Bas Armagnac has a golden colour with brown glints and great brightness. The nose has intense flavours of peaches and apricots, followed by spicy notes of vanilla and liquorice on the palate. More sweet warm spice and toasted oak make their presence on the finish.

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700ml £31.45

Janneau 5 Year Old Grand Armagnac,

Janneau 5 Year Old Grand Armagnac is an Armagnac of incomparable finesse and personality, using the double distillation method. This house always produces top class armagnacs, respected all round the world,

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700ml £32.25

Fine Marquis Montesquiou Armagnac,

Fine Marquis Montesquiou Armagnac is a copper golden colour. Aromas of pastry, floral, vanilla, apricot, mimosa, toast and coriander. A palate full of spice, roundness and richness with a fresh finish.

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700ml £33.98

Comte de Lauvia Fine Armagnac,

Comte de Lauvia Fine Armagnac has been selected and blended from eaux-de vie of the grape harvests between 2009 and 2012, matured separately by grape variety and domaine, with a first ageing in new casks and second ageing in re-fill casks to encourage a robust exchange with both subtlety and complexity. This Fine Armagnac has a nose of vanilla, lemon and lime blossom with a supple, fruity palate and exquisite finish.

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700ml £33.98

Chateau de Laubade Signature VSOP Bas Armagnac,

Chateau de Laubade Signature VSOP Bas Armagnac is a blend of fine armagnacs of at least six years old. The nose is floral with hints of dried fruit, including apricot and mango. The palate is rich and refined, lots of sweet spices, vanilla and brown sugar, followed by a long fruity finish.

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700ml £36.57

Janneau VSOP Armagnac,

Janneau VSOP Armagnac is exceptionally fragrant and smooth, using eau de vie with a minimum of seven years age. The age gives much smoothness and long lasting sensuous pleasure.

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700ml £38.98

Reserve Marquis Montesquiou Armagnac,

Reserve Marquis Montesquiou Armagnac has a deep mahogany colour. Aromas of spices, nuts, dried and candied fruits, figs and floral. Palate consists of great roundness with a spicy sensation and a slight sechuan pepper finish.

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700ml £41.75

Comte de Lauvia Reserve Armagnac,

Comte de Lauvia Reserve Armagnac has been selected and blended from eaux de vie of the grape harvests between 2001 and 2009, matured in new casks , then a second ageing in refilled casks. A nose of honey, candied quince, lilac with a delicate, spicy palate and a round, generous finish.

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700ml £41.85

Samalens Single 8 Year Old Bas-Armagnac,

Samalens Single 8 Year old Bas-Armagnac ia a 100% Ugni Blanc brandy with a brilliant pale yellow colour. Very delicate on the nose with oaky, vanilla character and a hint of port or dark sherry. Notes of rose petals, dried fruits and hazelnut, almond and walnut. Supple and velvety on the palate with an intense floral aroma and a touch of spice and liquorice. The dried fruits, plus mango are key parts to long, lingering finish.

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700ml £43.65

Extra Old Marquis de Montesquiou,

Extra Old Marquis de Montesquiou is a mahogany colour. Aromas of wood, vanilla, prune, nuts, fruity with cherry, coconut and cinnamon. The palate is very smooth and tasty with lots of structure and well balanced.

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700ml £54.99

Comte de Lauvia Hors d'Auge Armagnac,

Comte de Lauvia Hors d\'Auge Armagnac has a lovely mahogany colour, aromas of prune, nuts and orange blossom. A rich palate with rancio notes and a complex and long-lived finish.

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700ml £58.95

Janneau XO Royal Armagnac,

Janneau XO Royal Armagnac is aged for a minimum of 12 years. Deep in colour. opulent in nose, silky in body, smooth in taste and long, warming in finish.

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700ml £73.39

Chateau de Laubade Signature XO Bas Armagnac,

Chateau de Laubade Signature XO Bas Armagnac has a lovely rich mahogany colour, with hints of vanilla and dried mango on the nose. The palate develops fine tastes of citrus, orange peel and molasses. The finish has more vanilla mixed with sweet warm spices.

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700ml £79.35

Out of Stock

Chateau de Laubade XO Armagnac,

Chateau de Laubade XO Armagnac has a gentle and fruity expression with lots of character and long rounded scented finish.

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700ml £79.35

Samalens 1995 Vintage Bas-Armagnac, 1995

Samalens 1995 Vintage Bas-Armagnac has been distilled in a Continuous Still that dates back to the 19th century. This vintage Armagnac is golden cherry in appearance, with lots of oak on the nose, followed by hints of truffle and prune aromas. The brandy has a well rounded palate, with prune and dried mango flavours, afterwards sweet vanilla and fruit linger and linger on the finish.

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700ml £84.50

Janneau Vintage Grand Armagnac 1987,

Janneau Vintage Grand Armagnac 1987 is full of character and maturity thus reflecting its age and time in wood. There are masses of fruit and floral aromas before you taste, then the taste itself is again fruit driven with hints of sweet caramel and almonds.

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700ml £112.35

Chateau de Laubade 40yrs, Armagnac,

Chateau de Laubade 40yrs, Armagnac is a blend of the four traditional Bas Armagnac grapes which have been harvested and vinified separately, after distillation, matured for 40 years or more in Gascony oak casks until their final blending and bottling.

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700ml £151.00

Janneau Vintage Grand Armagnac 1967, 1967

Janneau Vintage Grand Armagnac 1967 as you pour the aromas of dates and figs become very apparent and the closer to your nose, honey and raisin come next. Medium fruit on the palate followed by spicy madeira cake, then a long, long enjoyable aftertaste.

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700ml £265.57

Limited Stock

Armagnac Baron de Sigognac 1948 1948

As Armagnac ages it becomes darker in colour and softer, smoother and more elegant on the palate whilst aromas and flavours of prunes, violets, fig, honey, butterscotch and rancio develop. Part of the alcohol evaporates naturally during the long years in cask – this is known as “la part des anges” (the angel’s share). Presented in an old-fashioned Armagnac bottle and wooden box, these rare vintage Armagnacs are available in strictly limited quantities. Each label is inscribed with the year of distillation, the name of the Domain of production, the bottle number and, where relevant, the grape variety. Only two bottles are in stock and available.

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