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Wines of Japan

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Japan is trying its best to produce wines of quality even though its continously fighting against a very uncooperative weather conditions.

We have tasted some endering Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay, but for the time being we are only offering a number of Japan's top quality Sake Wines and of course we list the superb and world class whiskies from Nikki and Suntory

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Choya Sake - Japan

Unique and famous drink distilled from rice. This quality s...

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720ml £12.14

Honjozo Sake Akashi-Tai Japan, 2010

Medium bodied with hints of citrus and straw. This quality s...

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720ml £17.72

Siraume Umeshu, Plum Infused Sake,

A rich and sweet sake with natural plum essence. Serve over ...

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500ml £19.14

Honjozo Genshu Sake, Japan

A full bodied sake with a woody aroma and very rich and crea...

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720ml £22.66

Akashi-Tai Daiginjo, Sake, Japan

Made from using Yamadanishiki rice, aromatic, medium bodied ...

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720ml £34.72