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Wines of Japan

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Japan is trying its best to produce wines of quality even though its continously fighting against a very uncooperative weather conditions.

We have tasted some endering Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay, but for the time being we are only offering a number of Japan's top quality Sake Wines and of course we list the superb and world class whiskies from Nikki and Suntory

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Gozu No Mine Junmai Ginjo, Sake, Japan

Gozu No Mine Junmai Ginjo, Sake , Japan. The brewery uses home grown yeast, water from the Agano River and Gohyakumangoku rice to make its Sake. Gozu no Mine Junmai Ginjo is prepared under low temperatures which makes the sake is light and dry. Gozu no mine Junmai Ginjo has fruity aromas of banana, pear, melon, and rice. On the palate it’s smooth and well rounded with a medium acidity. The sake is medium bodied and well balanced.

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700ml £22.95

Siraume Umeshu, Plum Infused Sake,

Siraume Umeshu, Plum Infused Sake is a rich and sweet sake with natural plum essence. Serve over ice or with soda or hot water, ideal as an aperitif or digestif, which ever way, a really superb drink.

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500ml £26.46

Keigetsu, Yuzu Sake, Tosa Brewery, Japan,

Keigetsu, Yuzu Sake from Tosa Brewery in Japan is a bright yellow sweet sake and is bursting with zesty citrus fruit. It has an intense mix of lemon, tangerine and lime aromas with a fragrant lift and a balanced sweetness. It is perfect as an aperitif or with dessert.

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72cl £28.50

Keigetsu Aikawa-Homare Yamahai Junmai 58, Sake,

Sake Keigetsu Aikawa-Homare Yamahai Junmai 58 is full bodied with well defined Umami and balanced fruitiness. It is sweet, savoury, generous mouthfeel with a long finish. Very food friendly,

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720ml £29.35

Keigetsu Nigori Junmai Daiginjo 50, Sake

Keigetsu Nigori Junmai Daiginjo 50, Sake is a very aromatic sake. You will notice straight away sweet apple, melon, lychee and other tropical flavours. It’s a relatively sweet sake as many nigori sake and has a pleasant creamy texture and long smooth finish.

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Keigetsu, Junmai Daiginjo Sake, Tosa Brewery, Japan,

Keigetsu, Junmai Daiginjo Sake from Tosa Brewery in Japan has delicate aromas of lychee and rose. It is dry on the palate with great purity on the finish.

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72cl £32.25

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Keigetsu Sake Nature, Tosa Brewery, Japan,

Sake Nature has enticing aromas of beautifully ripe stone fruit and white blossom on the nose. The palate offers well-balanced, pure flavours of juicy pear and peach with an elegant and persistent finish. This sake pairs perfectly with poached white fish in a creamy sauce, dishes with aromatic Asian spices or miso-based sauces.

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720ml £37.98

Keigetsu, "John" Sparkling Sake, Tosa Brewery, Japan,

Keigetsu, \"John\" Sparkling Sake from Tosa Brewery in Japan is named after and made for Mr Matsumoto\'s friend John. During a toast john asked why the sake had no bubbles so Mr Matsumoto made one for him. The Sake is clear with aromas of peach and cherry blossom on the nose propped up by lively bubbles and a bone dry finish on the palate.

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750ml £51.25