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Cachaca and Pisco

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Both Cachaca and Pisco are now growing in popularity throughout the UK after spectacular growth in London in recent years. Cachaca being the spirit of Brazil produced from sugar cane and Pisco being the spirit of the Andes, Peru produced from the Quebranta Grape.

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Cachaca 51 Sao Paulo Brazil,

Cachaca 51 Sao Paulo Brazil the palate has sweet vanilla cream, seaweed, cut grass, honey, black pepper, and a hint of lemon. The mouthfeel is a bit watery with a moderate bitterness that coats the mid and upper palate. The medium length finish is fairly bitter

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700ml £27.99

Cachaca Sagatiba Pura Brazil,

A very clean spirit with the delicate flavor and aroma of fresh cut sugarcane

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700ml £29.95

Pisco Barsol Primera Quebranta Peru

Barsol Primero Quebranta Pisco has a gentle and fruity nose, with ripe notes complemented by delicate citrus touches of lemon and lime. The palate picks-up dark chocolate, pecan nuts and hints of candied peel. The finish is seductively long, with slowly fading citrus.

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700ml £30.99

Pisco ABA, Chile,

Pisco ABA from Chile comes from Muscat grapes distilled to produce a white eau de vie called Pisco, made famous in the gold rush of XIX century,

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500ml £31.95

Pisco 1615 Mosto Verde Quebranta,

Pisco 1615 Mosto Verde Quebranta has a bright, clear colour and a nose with scents of raisins, geraniums, other wild flowers and orange peel. At first, warm and soft spices on the palate,then a little green apple contrasting with roasted hazelnuts and almonds. The finish is full of warm spice again, cinnimon and vanilla.

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500ml £32.00

Cachaca Pitu do Brazil,

Distilled exclusively in Brazil from the juice of hand-picked fresh sugar cane. A light and fruity taste that is ideal for the drink that represents Brazilian lifestyle- Caipirinha or Piturinha,

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700ml £32.95

Pisco La Diablada, Peru,

Pisco La Diablada, Peru, is a sumptuous balance of bold aromas and round flavours from a blend of private reserve of Quebranta, Moscatel and Italia grapes,

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700ml £34.99

Pisco 1615 Quebranta,

Pisco 1615 Quebranta has floral and light citrus scent on the nose, followed buy hints of peach, mango, dried figs on the palate. The finish picks-up notes of sweet warm spice and some orange peel.

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700ml £36.00

Pisco, El Gobernador, Miquel Torres, Chile,

An aromatic, floral, well rounded spirit from Muscat grapes, warming alcohol, sweet fruity flavours, warm, earthy finish

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700ml £39.95

Pisco Macchu, Peru,

Pisco Macchu from Peru is a clear spirit produced from the Quebranta grape. try over ice or long cocktails.

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700ml £43.98

Pisco Waqar, Chile,

Pisco Waqar is a premium Chilean pisco from the Camposano family, now on to their fifth generation in the business. Waqar is made using Muscat wine, it is distilled in small batches to produce a natural and aromatic pisco.

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700ml £46.85