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Wines of Croatia

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Croatia is divided into four major wine producing regions. The first grapes were introduced to the Istrian peninsula by the Greeks as early as the 6th century BC, making it one of the oldest winegrowing regions in Europe. However a turbulent history has often hindered the development of its wine industry. The fall of Yugoslavia in the early 90's saw the decline of bulk producing state cooperatives, providing the opportunity for the Istrian wine scene to shine once again. Quality conscious producers have since emerged, modernising wineries and lowering yields to produce more concentrated and complex wines.

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Plavac Mali Vinarija Dingac, 2010

Plavac Mali Vinarija Dingac has rugged notes of dried figs, plums and rosehips, the weight is Gamay-like but with Plavac\'s wild edge,The nose is clean with pleasant but not heady fruit aromas possibly of cranberry. Tasting and the wine has a blend of cherry and unsweetened cranberry juice without being dominant,

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750ml £10.94

Malvazija Istarska Pilato, 2012

Malvazija Istarska Pilato has a distinctly flowery and fruity aroma, a big, rich wine with a pleasant lingering fruity, minerally flavoured finish, Decanter World Wine Award Bronze 2013,

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750ml £13.95

Grasevina Ilocki Podrumi, 2012

Grasevina Ilocki Podrumi has apple fruit nose, typical light bitterness on the palate, attributes of unoaked chardonnay, soft fruit, lovely round finish,

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750ml £14.20

Kapistran Crni Ilocki Podrumi, 2012

Kapistran Crni Ilocki Podrumi is a cuvee of Frankovka & Cabernet Sauvignon, blackberry aroma on the nose, smooth with clean quality taste of cherry, raspberry, blackcurrants and a hint of vanilla,

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750ml £15.58

Teran Hrvatska Istra Pilato, 2015

Teran Hrvatska Istra Pilato is a classic Bordeaux ruby red colour with a purplish tinge. It has a distinctive fine, fruity and lingering bouquet, which makes Teran one of a kind. Shades of tartness, robust and vivid makes a pleasant and interesting wine,

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750ml £19.74