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Liqueurs have a unique and varying history. Some whose origins go back over five hundred years and tend to have their roots in the many religious orders throughout Europe. And today the old order is now skilfully supported by dozens of liqueurs being released by the more modern of our distilleries. Two good xamples of famous old traditional liqueurs would be "Chartreuse" established in the early eighteen hundreds and Benedictine which goes all the way back to the early Fifteen Hundreds. Two more modern examples of well known and popular liqueurs would be "Baileys Irish Cream" and "Jagermeister." Alexander Hadleigh Wine Merchants, Southampton, Hampshire,UKk stock an extensive range sourced from around the world of both old and new style liqueurs.

Liqueurs fall into several ingredient types, the most popular types being fruits, nuts, herbs, spices, coffee and creams. The most popular liqueurs tend to be based on spirits such as brandy (cognac), whisky, rum etc. Neutral spirits also work well and favoured and utilized in large quantities buy the larger volume liqueur brands.

Many liqueurs are produced through the infusion or steeping method, employing fruits or flowers for example and incorporating with either water or alcohol. Many other liqueurs can be produced through distillation and utilising aromatics for flavouring the mixtures. Different producers will follow their own traditional craft and style to perfect a continuity in their products and with an expression which is often well recognised by their loyal followers.

Besides the enjoyment of liqueurs in their own right or as an after dinner drink, many liqueurs now feature and play an important role in the formation or are the key ingredient of Cocktails. The versatility and different flavours of liqueurs are a Bar Tenders delight and are the basis of some of the World’s most amazing cocktails of all time.

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Curacao Bleu, Gabriel Boudier,

Curacao Bleu, Gabriel Boudier is a sweet orange flavoured liqueur with a blue tinge, makes colourful cocktails,

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500ml £19.98

Liqueur Moorea Coco,

Liqueur Moorea Coco Ava Tahiti. Coconut flavoured liqueur

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700ml £19.99

Kahlua Liqueur,

A coffee liqueur, essential for white russians

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700ml £20.15

Parfait Amour Liqueur, Gabriel Boudier,

Parfait Amour Liqueur from Gabriel Boudier is a violet coloured and flavoured liqueur, full of aromas of violets, makes colourful cocktails,

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500ml £20.45

Amaro Rossa Amara D'Arancia Rossa di Sicilia,

Amaro Rossa Amara D\'Arancia Rossa di Sicilia shows an immediate sweetness with every sip, ending with a pleasant savoury sensation, slightly bitter but very aromatic. It has an excellent drinkability.

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500ml £20.50

Apricot Brandy Gabriel Boudier

Apricot Brandy Gabriel Boudier on the palate it is light and buttery with marzipan notes. Syrupy with continued apricot notes and cinnamon spice. On the nose Fresh apricot skins and apricot stones with aromatic mango skin and a hint of spice.

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500ml £20.85

The Pinkster Royale,

The Pinkster Royale will Pink up your Prosecco with this ‘skinny’ liqueur that’ll give your celebratory glass of fizz a fresh fruity hit. Made with gin-soaked raspberries left over from producing Pinkster, it’s a sustainably delicious treat. A versatile cocktail ingredient (think Cassis), add a splash to a glass of fizz. Can also be enjoyed neat over ice.

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350ml £20.95

Sambuca di Antonio Italy

Sambuca di Antonio Italy is a herbal spiced Liqueur characterised by anise and liquorice notes. Jet black in colour, it is best served neat, and ice cold.

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700ml £20.98

Tequila Rose Strawberry Cream Liqueur

Strawberry flavoured cream liqueur with authentic imported tequila

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700ml £21.55

Ponche Caballero Liqueur, Spain.

Ponche Caballero is an Orange Brandy Liqueur from Spain, a delicate blending of Andalusian oranges, spices and finest brandy selection. Unique and attractive, on ice or long drink, a very mixable liqueur,

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700ml £21.78

Liqueur De Poire Williams, Pear Liqueur,Gabriel Boudier,

Liqueur De Poire Williams, Pear Liqueur, Gabriel Boudier is a suprising liqueur with its intense William Pear flavour.

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500ml £21.95

Creme De Bananes Liqueur, Gabriel Boudier,

Creme De Bananes, Banana Liqueur, Gabriel Boudier,Dried bananas from Ecuador are distilled to obtain all the flavours of perfectly ripe bananas for this liqueur.

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500ml £21.98

Joseph Catron Mandarin Liqueur France

Joseph Catron Mandarin Liqueur France uses the best essential oils of tangerines from Sicily, where the soil is ideal to produce the most perfumed of fruits. The soft bitterness of the tangerine rind develops, the quality reveals all the aromas of the tangerine and produces a very unctuous and fruity Mandarine Liqueur.

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500ml £22.10

Out of Stock

Amaro CiaCiaro Liqueur,

Amaro CiaCiaro Liqueur has a typical mixture of warm spice and bitter orange on the nose, followed by orange peel, liquorice and caramel on the palate. The finish more sweet and bitter orange, with lots of spicy notes.

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700ml £22.86

Crema de Orujo, Pazo, Spain,

Crema de Orujo, Pazo, from Galicia in Spain has a delicate, creamy flavour with hints of pastry, vanilla, cocoa, butter and caramel. Silky and round with hints of toffee candy on the finish.

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700ml £22.95

Pistachio Cream Liqueur, Bottega, Italy,

Pistachio Cream Liqueur, Bottega, Italy is pastel green colour in appearance, velvety texture of pistachio nuts and cream with nutty flavours of pistachio with a hint of almond, this mellow, creamy liqueur is a delightful combination for liqueur enthusiasts with impeccable taste.

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500ml £22.95

Sheridans Coffee Layered Liqueur

Delicious double spirit- the white tasting of vanilla, the dark of chocolate and coffee

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500ml £22.98

Pama, Pomegranate Liqueur

Capturing the complex, sweet yet tart taste and seductive colour of this not-so-forbidden fruit Highly versatile, it can be enjoyed on the rocks or in your favourite martini or margarita

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700ml £23.35

Out of Stock

Amaretto di Saschira Luxardo Almond Liqueur

Almond, apricot and brandy liqueur. Great over ice or the main liqueur for many cocktails.

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700ml £23.50

Trois Citrus, Triple Sec Liqueur, Merlet, France,

Unique blend of complex aromas from the distillation of bitter orange, blood orange and lemon peels,

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700ml £23.70

Frangelico Hazelnut Liqueur,

Frangelico Hazelnut Liqueur is an Italian liqueur made from wild hazelnuts with infusions of berries and flowers to enrich the flavour,

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700ml £23.95

Cynar, Italy,

Cynar, Italy is a deep ruddy brown colour with a soft medicinal and herbaceous character balanced by bittersweet chocolate and orange zest on the gently warming finish. This is an excellent digestif on ice but also can be used in many cocktails including a variation on the iconic Negroni.

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750ml £23.95

Morey Hierbas, Mallorca,

Morey Hierbas, Spain is a Mallorcan speciality. A collection of selected and carefully picked herbs macerated in distilled aniseed The leaves inside the bottles enrich the aromatic flavour of these typical Majorcan liqueurs

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700ml £23.98

Curacao Triple Sec, Gabriel Boudier

Gabriel Boudier Curacao Triple Sec from France has all the Orange flavours but as a clear liqueur. Bitter and sweet.

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500ml £23.98

Sambuca dei Cesari Luxardo,

Very popular in shots and the base for many hundreds of cocktails

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700ml £23.99