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Liqueurs have a unique and varying history. Some whose origins go back over five hundred years and tend to have their roots in the many religious orders throughout Europe. And today the old order is now skilfully supported by dozens of liqueurs being released by the more modern of our distilleries. Two good xamples of famous old traditional liqueurs would be "Chartreuse" established in the early eighteen hundreds and Benedictine which goes all the way back to the early Fifteen Hundreds. Two more modern examples of well known and popular liqueurs would be "Baileys Irish Cream" and "Jagermeister." Alexander Hadleigh Wine Merchants, Southampton, Hampshire,UKk stock an extensive range sourced from around the world of both old and new style liqueurs.

Liqueurs fall into several ingredient types, the most popular types being fruits, nuts, herbs, spices, coffee and creams. The most popular liqueurs tend to be based on spirits such as brandy (cognac), whisky, rum etc. Neutral spirits also work well and favoured and utilized in large quantities buy the larger volume liqueur brands.

Many liqueurs are produced through the infusion or steeping method, employing fruits or flowers for example and incorporating with either water or alcohol. Many other liqueurs can be produced through distillation and utilising aromatics for flavouring the mixtures. Different producers will follow their own traditional craft and style to perfect a continuity in their products and with an expression which is often well recognised by their loyal followers.

Besides the enjoyment of liqueurs in their own right or as an after dinner drink, many liqueurs now feature and play an important role in the formation or are the key ingredient of Cocktails. The versatility and different flavours of liqueurs are a Bar Tenders delight and are the basis of some of the World’s most amazing cocktails of all time.

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Sambuca dei Cesari Luxardo,

Very popular in shots and the base for many hundreds of cocktails

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700ml £16.25

Parfait Amour Liqueur Gabriel Boudier,

Parfait Amour Liqueur from Gabriel Boudier is a violet coloured and flavoured liqueur, full of aromas of violets, makes colourful cocktails,

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500ml £16.34

Out of Stock

Amaretto di Saschira Luxardo Almond Liqueur

Almond, apricot and brandy liqueur. Great over ice or the main liqueur for many cocktails.

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700ml £16.41

Maraschino Liqueur, Gabriel Boudier, France,

Maraschino Liqueur from Gabriel Boudier in France is a sweet fruity liqueur with the emphasis on the taste of the flesh of the maraschino cherry fruit,

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500ml £16.63

700ml £16.77

Amarula Cream Liqueur, South Africa,

Amarula Cream Liqueur from South Africa is made from the luscious berries from the Amarula tree in South Africa which elephants seek,

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700ml £16.78

Out of Stock

Liqueur Mangue Edmond Briottet

Intensely flavoured pure mango liqueur. Try a little over fresh mango, or a drop over ice

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700ml £16.79

Ponche Caballero Liqueur, Spain.

Ponche Caballero is an Orange Brandy Liqueur from Spain, a delicate blending of Andalusian oranges, spices and finest brandy selection. Unique and attractive, on ice or long drink, a very mixable liqueur,

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700ml £16.89

Liqueur de Poire Liqueur, Vedrenne,

Liqueur de Poire Liqueur from Vedrenne Uses modern liqueur techniques, these creme liqueurs permit endless combinations of flavours both in terms of cocktails and culinary usage,

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700ml £16.96

Out of Stock

Canafruit Crema Banana Liqueur, Arehucas, Canary Islands,

Smooth juicy flavour with a wonderful bouquet, neat, on the rocks and adds a banana kick to any cocktail or dessert

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700ml £16.98

Out of Stock

Sheridans Berries Liqueur,

A layered fruit liqueur, one side vanilla, the red berries

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500ml £16.98

Passoa Passion Fruit Liqueur,

Passoa Passion fruit flavoured liqueur is a refreshing and exotic liqueur, works well mixed with grapefruit juice. Famous for many cocktail drinks or for drinking straight over ice.

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700ml £16.99

Heering Coffee Liqueur

A 100% natural product made to an original recipe handed down for generations - cocoa base with an added touch of choice spices - deliciously smooth, full flavour 

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500ml £17.06

Liqueur De Curacao Bleu, Lejay Lagoute, France,

Liqueur De Curacao Bleu from Lejay Lagoute in France infuse and distil orange peel from Haiti using a small pot still with a reflux chamber to make the distillate on which this is based,

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700ml £17.43

Out of Stock

Sambuca and Pomegranate Liqueur Luxardo

A smooth distinctive flavour from sambuca flavoured with pomegranate, enjoy on its own , as a layered shotail with cream liqueur

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700ml £17.53

Liqueur De Banane, Lejay Lagoute,France,

This Liqueur De Banane from Lejay Lagoute in France is very fruity and works well in both long drinks or in cocktails,

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700ml £17.55

Lapponia Cranberry (Polar Karpalo) Liqueur, Finland,

Lapponia Cranberry (Polar Karpalo) Liqueur is made from berries which grow on the edges of Northern forest ponds and lakes. They are handpicked just after the first frost of Autumn giving this unique liqueur its d taste.eep red colour, delightful aroma and fresh, crisp taste.

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500ml £17.59

Lapponia Blueberry (Mustikka) Liqueur, Finland,

Lapponia Blueberry (Mustikka) Liqueur is made from blueberries that grow in the Northern forests. These handpicked blueberries give this full-bodied special liqueur its delicate aroma, satin-smooth taste and lasting fruit sweetness.

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500ml £17.59

Sheridans Coffee Layered Liqueur

Delicious double spirit- the white tasting of vanilla, the dark of chocolate and coffee

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500ml £17.78

Sambuca Passione Rossa Luxardo

Luxardo sambuca mingled with cranberry for a stylish Italian liqueur

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700ml £17.83

Guignolet De Dijon, Gabriel Boudier

A blend of 4 different varieties of Cherry, some sweet, some bitter to give a luscious, harminous, rich liqueur.

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700ml £17.91

Goji Berry Liqueur,

Goji Liqueur is made from the legendary sacred Goji Berry fom the Himalayan Mountains. Considered as one of the most nutritious fruit on earth, it was harvested by Tibetan Monks for thousands of years and worshipped by the local population as the source of eternal happiness. Goji liqueur has an unique flavour of mixed red fruits such as cherry, cranberry, raspberries and plums. Its a clean refreshing drink with ice and not to sweet. Excellent mixer and ideal for superior cocktails.

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350ml £17.96

Limoncello d'Italia, Santa Marta,

Limoncello d\'Italia, Santa Marta, Italy is delightfully sweet with a powerful citrus aroma and a crisp refreshing finish. Best served chilled over ice or added to Prosecco or Sparkling wine.

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500ml £17.99

Cacao Blanc Liqueur, Lejay Lagoute, France,

Cacao Blanc Liqueur from Lejay Lagoute in France has an outstanding delicate rich chocolately flavour without the colour, superb in many cocktails,

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700ml £17.99

Apricot Brandy, Lejay Lagoute, France,

Apricot Brandy from Lejay Lagoute in France has a very delicate, subtle taste with flavours of ripe apricots followed by hints of apricot kernels,

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700ml £17.99