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Gin is juniper flavoured quality grain spirit traditionally made in London, but now produced in many different countries around the world. All gin should be flavoured with juniper berries and the difference between the many different tasting gins will be the varying types of botanicals and herbs infused after the distilling process. Many of the gins are craft gins produced by Artisan producers in small batches and are exceptional spirits with their unique, carefully selected and often hand picked botanicals creating distinctive flavours for each gin.

You can buy online many styles of Gin. The most traditional and popular type is London Dry which can now be made anywhere, always classic and full of juniper flavours. Genever is a very old and original style from Holland which is sometimes sweeter in taste. Old Tom is also slightly sweetened and Navy Strength is so called because the gunpowder will still fire if you spill your drink on it.

The basic gin spirit can be distilled from grain, potatoes, grapes, hops and apples. There are about four distinctive flavours which you can buy from Alexander Hadleigh Wine Merchants. Classic gin takes its predominate flavour from juniper berries, the source of the characteristic, crisp scent of pine needles and a natural fit for the gin and tonic. Light and fragrant, floral gins are popular modern varieties full of subtle flavours of infused coriander, elderflower or almonds. Bold, refreshing gins are packed with zesty citrus flavours such as orange, grapefruit or lime adding complexity to a strikingly different finish. Herbal gins offer intriguing and complex flavours of aromatic fragrances from wild mint, thyme and basil. Secret recipes handed down give a balance of aromatic, spice and sweet flavours. New distilleries are infusing fruits such as blueberries, raspberries and pomegranates.

Alexander Hadleigh Wine Merchants based in Locks Heath near Southampton have an expansive choice of local gins which you can buy online from Hampshire, Dorset and Sussex as well as gins from distilleries in other regions of England, Scotland and also Spain, Sweden, Japan, New Zealand and America. Each gin has a description of its botanical mix along with serving suggestions from the classic gin and tonic to more elaborate gin cocktails.


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Blue Beetle London Dry Gin,

The Blue Beetle London Dry Gin has been inspired by the character of the elusive king of beetles not frequently found in nature. As the Blue Beetle changes its colour slowly or rapidly from blue to reddish, so does the gin when mixed skillfully in cocktails,

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700ml £32.98

Crossbill Pineapple Gin Liqueur,

Crossbill Pineapple Gin Liqueur is Juicy and sweet, with a light hint of salinity coming from the juniper and thyme.

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500ml £33.25

Langley's No8, Distilled London Gin,

Langley\'s Gin No8 is a big robust gin with smooth lingering finish delivering spice, aroma and zesty sweetness, classic taste,

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700ml £33.55

Chilgrove London Dry Gin, Sussex,

Chilgrove London Dry Gin from Sussex is handcrafted using traditional methods and distilled with natural mineral water filtered through the very chalk Downs which surround Chilgrove; this fine London Dry Gin marries only the finest botanicals together with a neutral spirit distilled from grapes. It is this unusual relationship which gives Chilgrove Gin its sophisticated character, whilst the perfectly balanced elect of flavours, truly make it the gin for all seasons.

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700ml £33.85

Bols Zeer Oude Genever Gin,

Bols Zeer Oude Genever Gin is a very flavoursome Dutch style gin with lots of malty nuances from the main ingredients of malt wine and fermented cereal. The malt and other gin flavours mix to provide soft fruity palate, with warm spice notes on the finish.

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100ml £33.94

Jarrold's Limited Edition Sloe Gin Chichester

Jarrold\'s Limited Edition Sloe Gin Chichester is beautifully rich and intense. Almond notes from the stones, dryness from the fruit and the wonderful colour from the skins are all complemented by a touch of added sweetness after resting

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500ml £33.95

Tobermory Gin, Isle of Mull,

Tobermory Gin, Isle of Mull has been inspired by the expressive nature of Mull, with a splash of spirit from the Tobermory whisky stills added to create a unique character. Distilled on the island with a rich palate of hand-selected botanicals including juniper, tea, heather, elderflower, sweet orange peel, and just a little bit of knowledge from their 220 years of history.

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700ml £34.15

Gin 77, Bristol Distilling Company,

The city\'s first commercial distillery is established on Cheese Lane in the centre of Bristol. It is believed to have been one of the first in the whole of England. When the blitz came to Bristol in 1940, it was always going to be a long shot that the distillery and its vast spirit tanks could survive. Unfortunately it did not, taking a direct hit on the the night of December 6th, and in a few terrible, fiery hours, centuries of distilling history were razed to the ground. 77 years later we picked the story back up. We are writing the next chapter in Bristol’s rich distilling history.

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700ml £34.18

Pink Grapefruit Gin, Scared Spirits Company, London,

Grapefruit Gin from Sacred Spirits has zesty notes of Pink Grapefruit, made using the whole fruit, including peel, juice and pips. Perfect in a Pink Gin,

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700ml £34.63

Caorunn Pure Grain Gin, Scotland,

Caorunn Pure Grain Gin is an unique gin made of pure scottish Highland water, six traditional and five Celtic botanicals, infused to perfection,

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700ml £34.65

Hampshire Fine Dry Gin, Winchester Distillery,

Hampshire Fine Dry Gin, Winchester Distillery is a classic style \"fine\" gin, rich in Macedonian juniper, distilled slowly in a pot still. Two of the six botanicals - fresh lemon and lime peel - are vapour-infused in a basket above the boiling alcohol to keep their flavours fresh for a bright, zesty finish. A superbly versatile Gin for zesty G&T\'s or as a base for classic Gin cocktails.

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700ml £34.72

No.209 Gin, San Francisco,

No.209 Gin, San Francisco is distilled from grain with natural botanicals and rare ingredients blended in small batches - most subtle flavours in this truely modern gin,

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700ml £34.90

Tanns Premium Gin, Spain,

Tann\'s Premium Gin, Spain has a predominating taste of juniper berries with a triple infusion of ten botanical ingredients such as orange blossom, raspberry and rose petals give this gin a special and refined touch.

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700ml £34.95

Malfy, Pink Grapefruit Gin, Italy

Malfy, Pink Grapefruit Gin, Italy delivers an explosion of aromas and flavour, with fruity pink grapefruit being unmistakably prominent throughout. On the nose it is joined by notes of lemon peel and sweet rhubarb, while on the palate you\'re reminded that this is a gin as juniper, coriander seeds, angelica root and orris root combine classically. The balance of flavour has been carefully achieved, avoiding too much bitterness from the pink grapefruit but not reaching the sickly sweetness of many fruit-led gins. When mixed the flavour develops further and holds strong for a bright, crisp and summery Gin and Tonic, which can be garnished well with rosemary or lime.

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700ml £34.95

Unicorn Tears, Gin Liqueur,

Unicorn Tears Gin Liqueur is London Dry Gin mixed with the bitter sweetness of a liqueur, sprinkled with a shimmering edible iridescent glittery appearance, juniper driven, citrusy nose, luscious sweetness,

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500ml £34.95

Two Birds Parma Violet Gin

Two Birds Parma Violet Gin has a very floral palate, with Parma violet sweeties, rose petal, lemon peel and an undercurrent of juniper.

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700ml £34.95

Roku Gin, Suntory, Japan,

Roku Gin by Suntory, Japan is multi-layered, balanced with traditional and 6 unique Japanese botanicals, sakura flower and leaf, yuzu peel, sencha tea, sansho pepper, gyokuro tea,

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700ml £34.95

Mayfield Sussex Hop Gin,

Mayfield Hop Gin from Sussex wild hedgerow hops distilled in a copper pot still, distilled and infused with juniper, orange peels, lemon peels, coriander, angelica, liquorice, orris. The label reflects the story of St Dunstan and the Devil,

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700ml £34.96

GinTing Passionfruit, Mango and Elderflower, Guyana

GinTing Passionfruit, Mango and Elderflower, Guyana features a full-bodied flavour profile of refreshing fruit alongside the traditional juniper-y deliciousness you have come to expect from a gin. Based around a recipe of juniper, cassia, coriander, orange and lemon, GinTing features an infusion of Passionfruit, Mango and Elderflower. Fresh fruit is right at the fore of this one, with tangy Mango and a hint of Passionfruit.

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700ml £34.98

McQueen Sweet Citrus Gin,

McQueen Sweet Citrus Gin begins with zesty lemon and orange, followed by tart grapefruit and an underlying hint of vanilla.

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500ml £35.55

McQueen Mocha Gin,

McQueen Mocha Gin has rich depths of roasted coffee and dark chocolate, a spring of citrus fruit trickling through too.These strong flavours make for a mouth-watering scent and a uniquely delicious gin.

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500ml £35.55

McQueen Spiced Chocolate Orange Gin,

McQueen Spiced Chocolate Orange Gin has 0range oil, cardamom, a hint of cacao following on from fresh vanilla pod sweetness on the nose. The palate is floral at first with hints of orange blossom and fresh juniper, with drying cinnamon and red chilli heat in the background. The finish has lingering dark chocolate bitterness.

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500ml £35.55

Foxdenton London Dry Gin,

Foxdenton Estate London Dry Gin is an incredibly smooth yet strong flavoured gin with a high alcohol content and with all the flavour of the botanicals contained in the alcohol,

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700ml £35.95

Martin Millers Dry Gin,

Martin Millers Dry Gin uses pure Icelandic water to produce this very pure and elegant gin,

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700ml £35.98

Old Curiosity Apothecary Rose Gin,

Old Curiosity Apothecary Rose Gin is richly aromatic with fresh rose notes. There is an outpouring of Potpourri, Turkish delight, a hint of brown sugar and soft angelica.

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500ml £35.98