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Gin is juniper flavoured quality grain spirit traditionally made in London, but now produced in many different countries around the world. All gin should be flavoured with juniper berries and the difference between the many different tasting gins will be the varying types of botanicals and herbs infused after the distilling process. Many of the gins are craft gins produced by Artisan producers in small batches and are exceptional spirits with their unique, carefully selected and often hand picked botanicals creating distinctive flavours for each gin.

You can buy online many styles of Gin. The most traditional and popular type is London Dry which can now be made anywhere, always classic and full of juniper flavours. Genever is a very old and original style from Holland which is sometimes sweeter in taste. Old Tom is also slightly sweetened and Navy Strength is so called because the gunpowder will still fire if you spill your drink on it.

The basic gin spirit can be distilled from grain, potatoes, grapes, hops and apples. There are about four distinctive flavours which you can buy from Alexander Hadleigh Wine Merchants. Classic gin takes its predominate flavour from juniper berries, the source of the characteristic, crisp scent of pine needles and a natural fit for the gin and tonic. Light and fragrant, floral gins are popular modern varieties full of subtle flavours of infused coriander, elderflower or almonds. Bold, refreshing gins are packed with zesty citrus flavours such as orange, grapefruit or lime adding complexity to a strikingly different finish. Herbal gins offer intriguing and complex flavours of aromatic fragrances from wild mint, thyme and basil. Secret recipes handed down give a balance of aromatic, spice and sweet flavours. New distilleries are infusing fruits such as blueberries, raspberries and pomegranates.

Alexander Hadleigh Wine Merchants based in Locks Heath near Southampton have an expansive choice of local gins which you can buy online from Hampshire, Dorset and Sussex as well as gins from distilleries in other regions of England, Scotland and also Spain, Sweden, Japan, New Zealand and America. Each gin has a description of its botanical mix along with serving suggestions from the classic gin and tonic to more elaborate gin cocktails.


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Rives London Dry Gin, Spain,

Rives London Dry Gin has a smooth, clean, subtle and elegant nose. On the palate the alcohol blends perfectly with the botanicals and the gin reveals a multitude of nuances, including warm spice, vanilla, citrus and lots of juniper.

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700ml £27.45

Cadenheads Spiced Old Raj Gin 46%,

Cadenhead\'s Spiced Old Raj Gin 46%,is a more delicate drink - without compromising its flavour. All the botanical are still there (coriander, cubeb, cumin, pink peppercorn, smoked paprika, juniper, orange, almond and rowanberry) - a fabulous twist of smoked paprika.

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700ml £27.98

Gin MG London Dry Gin, Spain,

Gin MG London Dry Gin has a powerful and pungent, juniper-driven evergreen nose with a slight lemon peel undertone. On the palate, there’s a rush of cotton candy that is quickly doused by juniper and a stronger lemon component.

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700ml £27.99

Sloanes Dry Gin

Sloanes Dry Gin is hand crafted in small batches using a unique process involving fresh citrus fruits and individual distilling of the botanicals.

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700ml £28.30

Quince Gin, Whitley Neill,

Quince Gin by Whitley Neill was inspired by the flavours of Persia, Turkish quince juice adds apple sharp, pear sweet notes to the smooth English Gin base,

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700ml £28.36

Cadenheads Old Raj Gin 46%,

Cadenhead\'s Old Raj Gin 46%, is distinctive with a measure of saffron giving slightly spicy flavour and imparts a pale yellow colour.

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700ml £28.50

Blackwoods Vintage Dry Gin, Shetlands,

Blackwood Vintage Dry Gin is citrussy and herbal with notes of coriander and angelica. This gin represents Shetlands singular character,

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700ml £28.98

Persie Herby & Aromatic Gin,

Persie Herby & Aromatic Gin has Green leaves and window box herbs to greet the nose. A soapy hint greets the tongue when sipped neat, followed by a rich burst of rosemary and basil, a hint of olive oil and a surprising heat. As with Zesty Citrus, there is a laid back juniper which gives a piny taste and does start to creep into the mouth towards the end.

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500ml £28.98

Opihr Oriental Spiced Gin,

Opihr Oriental Spiced Gin is a London Dry Gin with exotic intense botanicals from the ancient spice route, handpicked to create a unique spiced gin,

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700ml £29.43

Cadenheads Classic Gin,

Cadenhead\'s Classic Gin is the classic old style British Gin on the nose, Juniper berries sparkling clean citrus notes. This is the most amazing aromatic Gins with that old style elegance we all love in a gin, citrus and sweet juniper on the nose. Full bodied rich mouth feel with some light zesty lemon sorbet notes, more citrus flavours layer this gin across the mid palate, fresh creamy vanilla pod allspice and hints of dried apple and candied lemon peel. The botanicals mingle with the citrus notes before giving way to a subtle peppery note. Refreshing yet full bodied.

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700ml £29.45

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Van Wees Amsterdamsche Old Genever Gin,

Van Wees Amsterdamsche Old Genever is a refined combination of malt wines, redistilled maltwine and carefully selected herbs, twice distilled. A minimum of six months ageing in oak casks gives the gin the traditional Genever taste and quality.

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700ml £29.71

SW4 London Gin,

Twelve pot-Distilled botanicals create a big and complex gin made in the style of the original London Dry Gins, predominantly juniper then citrus, spice notes, lemon peel and cassia. Well balanced and smooth enough to be enjoyed neat.

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700ml £29.78

Foxdenton Lime, Apple & Elderflower Gin Liqueur,

Foxdenton Lime, Apple & Elderflower Gin Liqueur is a summer classic, made with limes, apples, elderflower, sugar and London Dry Gin, Makes a superb refreshing G&T,

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700ml £29.95

Silent Pool English Rose Gin,

Silent Pool Distillers English Rose Gin combines the flavours of traditional gin botanicals with the fragrant aroma of the finest English roses.

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500ml £29.95

Plymouth Gin, England,

Plymouth Gin, England is a very fine gin indeed, distilled from soft Dartmoor water in the historic Black Friars distillery. Makes a classic martini,

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700ml £30.18

Tanqueray Export Strength Gin,

Tanqueray Export Strength Gin is a wonderfully aromatic, yet fresh, ideal gin for a strong martini,

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700ml £30.95

Van Wees Jonge Genever Gin,

Van Wees Jonge Genever Gin is made from a classic mixture of grain spirit, pure malt wine and distilled malt wines. It’s a stright forward quality gin with the juniper flavours in abundance.

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500ml £30.99

Jarrold's Sloe Gin Chichester

Jarrold\'s Sloe Gin Chichester is an award winning* All Year-Round Sloe Gin with adventure in mind. They use their London Dry Gin as the base which means that all their sloe gin is deliberately stronger than many commercially available sloe gins. This not only allows the taste of the gin to shine through, but also helps release the fruity flavours of the sloes.

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500ml £30.99

Gin Lane 1751, Victoria Pink Gin,

Gin Lane 1751 Victoria Pink Gin has bold predominance of juniper berries with hints of liquorice, infused with a natural herb and spice bitter,

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700ml £30.99

Gin Lane 1751,London Dry Gin,

Gin Lane 1751 London Dry Gin is a well balanced complex gin of 8 natural botanicals,spiked with the refreshing maceration of Mediterranean citrus fruits,

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700ml £30.99

NB Gin, London Dry Gin, Scotland,

NB London Dry Gin, Scotland is handmade from carefully selected botanicals to produce a full flavoured gin, perfected for sipping,

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700ml £31.30

Persie Zesty Citrus Gin,

Persie Zesty Citrus Gin is bright, zesty citrus with orange peels, lime sweets, kaffir leaf and lemongrass.

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500ml £31.30

Rhubarb & Ginger Gin, Whitley Neill,

Rhubarb & Ginger Gin by Whitley Neill has a tart crisp edge from rhubarb essence on smooth English gin base, real ginger extract warms, full complex finish,

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700ml £31.35

Brecon Special Reserve Gin, Penderyn Distillery, Wales,

Brecon Special Reserve Gin is infused from botanicals from the four corners of the world, along with Penderyn barley spirit and water from Wales,

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700ml £31.50

Brecon Chocolate Orange Gin, Penderyn Distillery, Wales

Brecon Chocolate Orange Gin, Wales A particularly glorious expression from Penderyn\'s Brecon Gin range, boasting notes of that famous pairing of chocolate and orange! Built on a base of Brecon Special Reserve Gin, the herbaceous notes are juxtaposed by the richness of the chocolate and the brightness of the citrus, creating a fantastically varied flavour profile. Suitable for all sorts of cocktails in all seasons.

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700ml £31.50