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Historically vodka is produced through the distillation of cereal grains such as wheat or barley that have been fermented and only provide limited flavours, but can be distilled from any starch or sugar rich plant such as potatoes. Today there extras like fruit or sugars to give variety and to attract new customers. Vodka Is traditionally drunk neat without water or ice, especially in its home countries such as Poland, Russia and Scandinavia, although today the new generation see vodka as the main ingredient for many a cocktail.

One could categorise vodka into four or five distinct groups: Russian vodka, Polish vodka, Scandinavian vodka and the Rest of the World and Britain. Alexander Hadleigh Wine Merchants, Southampton, Hampshire, UK specialise in marketing quality vodka from all of the above mentioned regions: Russian vodka, one of the most popular spirits in the UK and the rest of the world is traditionally made from grains such as corn, rye, wheat and sorghum.

Some well respected Russian vodka's would be: top of the range Beluga with one of the most sophisticated palates you will find, its clean and fresh on the initial taste with a long lasting luxury finish. Kauffman is another Luxury brand gives you everything. Stolichnaya is probably one of the world’s best known brands and provides a full range of different flavours and quality including the renown top of the range Stolichnaya Elite.

Polish people will argue strongly that Polish vodka's birth place is Poland and the best vodka is made in Poland. Quality is inbred in Polish vodka, pride and maintaining tradition are key words as well. Wyborowa a pure grain vodka supports this statement. Other well championed Polish vodka would include the cool and fresh Belvedere and the potato rich Chopin vodka.

Scandinavian vodka in general terms tend to be crisp and lighter when compared to Polish and Russian Vodka. Much Scandinavian vodka is made from wheat and winter wheat in particular which has a high starch content providing a superior and smoother tasting vodka. Some good examples being Finlandia a clean and fresh tasting wheat vodka. Purity organic vodka of Sweden is distilled in small batches from wheat and barley, definitively a favourite with serious vodka fans.

The rest of the world today is blessed with many producers making a huge variety of styles and flavours with most following the vodka methodology of either Poland, Russia or Scandinavia. Chase vodka of Herefordshire is a good illustration of a top quality potato vodka. Skky vodka of the USA is one of many good vodka producers of that country that distil many different flavours. 42 Below puts New Zealand on the vodka map with a high quality wheat based drink providing a satisfying firm, deep, spicy finish.

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Mermaid Salt Vodka, Isle Of Wight Distillery

Mermaid Salt Vodka, Isle Of Wight Distillery is multi distilled and infused with island sea salt for a uniquely smooth finish

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700ml £45.95

Snow Queen Organic Vodka,

Snow Queen Vodka is distinctly smooth, velvety taste, unique recipe using finest organic wheat and purest softened water from the snow capped mountains of Ala-Tau,

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700ml £46.95

Roberto Cavalli Watermelon Vodka, Italy,

Roberto Cavalli Watermelon Vodka is delightfully refreshing and can be enjoyed on the rocks, as a shot or in a fruity cocktail. Expect mouth-watering sweet watermelon notes with just a prickle of white pepper.

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1000ml £46.98

Roberto Cavalli Mango Vodka, Italy,

Roberto Cavalli Mango Vodka, Italy has a bright and juicy taste of tropical mango, finished with a touch of zesty citrus peel. A sumptuous and exotic vodka that’s evokes the spirit of summer

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1000ml £46.98

Roberto Cavalli Blueberry Vodka, Italy,

Roberto Cavalli Blueberry Vodka is made with natural and quality flavours only, obtained by infusion, maceration and/or distillation of fruit, spices and aromatic components. In the case of fruit flavours, a certain quantity of fruit juice is added to provide the right fresh, sour and intriguing notes to the finished product

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1000ml £46.98

Grey Goose Pure Vodka, France,

Grey Goose Pure Vodka, France, A premium small batch French vodka. Very pure and a world class spirit

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700ml £47.95

700ml £47.95

Potato Vodka, Arbikie, Scotland

Potatoe Vodka, Arbikie, Scotland is distilled from three varieties of potato, it has a distinctive creamy, velvety taste, also gluten free

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700ml £48.50

Chilli Vodka, Arbikie, Scotland

Chilli Vodka, Arbikie, Scotland is distilled from potato with local grown chipotle chilli, its distinctivly creamy with a fiery kick, also gluten free

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700ml £48.50

Ludlow Seville Marmalade Vodka Wardington's Shropshire,

Ludlow Seville Marmalade Vodka Wardington\'s Shropshire is a super smooth, bitter Seville oranges make a bold and fragrant vodka. The finest naked oats, coriander, almond, orris, grains of paradise and a delicate hint of cassia bark are harmonised with strong citrus notes of Seville orange, creating a truly premium vodka.

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700ml £49.50

Elit Vodka, Latvia,

Elit Vodka is an ultra luxury vodka, one of the smoothest and finest in the world

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700ml £54.95

The Reid Single Malt Vodka, Cardrona Distillery, New Zealand,

The Reid Single Malt Vodka, Cardrona Distillery is made from just three ingredients, barley, water and yeast. The Reid starts life in the same way as The Cardrona Single Malt Whisky, giving fullness and body to this uncompromising Vodka,

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700ml £59.85

Blacklion Rare Sheep's Milk Vodka,

Blacklion Rare Sheep\'s Milk Vodka is full bodied and flavourful with a crisp, clean and silky smooth finish. This is an unique vodka that explores warming tasting notes and a subtlety of the mountain flower, Edelweiss.

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700ml £62.65

Polugar Wheat Vodka Rodionov & Sons Distillery Poland,

Polugar Wheat Vodka Rodionov & Sons Distillery Poland, The legendary Russian breadwine distilled in copper pot still, based on XV111 century Vodka recipe. A clean soft bread taste, sweet with light notes of herbs and spices, a triple distillation of malted and unmalted wheat grains in a copper alembic,

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700ml £63.75

Crystal Head The Skull Vodka Canada,

Crystal Head The Skull Vodka Canada, has been distilled four times, triple filtered through semi precious crystals known as Herkimer Diamonds found exclusively in Herkimer, New York,

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700ml £65.75