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Gin is juniper flavoured quality grain spirit traditionally made in London, but now produced in many different countries around the world. All gin should be flavoured with juniper berries and the difference between the many different tasting gins will be the varying types of botanicals and herbs infused after the distilling process. Many of the gins are craft gins produced by Artisan producers in small batches and are exceptional spirits with their unique, carefully selected and often hand picked botanicals creating distinctive flavours for each gin.

You can buy online many styles of Gin. The most traditional and popular type is London Dry which can now be made anywhere, always classic and full of juniper flavours. Genever is a very old and original style from Holland which is sometimes sweeter in taste. Old Tom is also slightly sweetened and Navy Strength is so called because the gunpowder will still fire if you spill your drink on it.

The basic gin spirit can be distilled from grain, potatoes, grapes, hops and apples. There are about four distinctive flavours which you can buy from Alexander Hadleigh Wine Merchants. Classic gin takes its predominate flavour from juniper berries, the source of the characteristic, crisp scent of pine needles and a natural fit for the gin and tonic. Light and fragrant, floral gins are popular modern varieties full of subtle flavours of infused coriander, elderflower or almonds. Bold, refreshing gins are packed with zesty citrus flavours such as orange, grapefruit or lime adding complexity to a strikingly different finish. Herbal gins offer intriguing and complex flavours of aromatic fragrances from wild mint, thyme and basil. Secret recipes handed down give a balance of aromatic, spice and sweet flavours. New distilleries are infusing fruits such as blueberries, raspberries and pomegranates.

Alexander Hadleigh Wine Merchants based in Locks Heath near Southampton have an expansive choice of local gins which you can buy online from Hampshire, Dorset and Sussex as well as gins from distilleries in other regions of England, Scotland and also Spain, Sweden, Japan, New Zealand and America. Each gin has a description of its botanical mix along with serving suggestions from the classic gin and tonic to more elaborate gin cocktails.


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Roggenaer Genever Gin, Van Wees, Holland,

Van Wees Roggenaer Genever Gin (rye) is quite different from a classical jonge genever. Roggenaer is produced from rye maltwine and two redistilled rye maltwines. It could be considered a rye eau-de-vie that has been partly matured in oak casks for at least three years. There is a recognisable taste of rye, with a hint of sourness, shines through a gentle palate.

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700ml £38.86

Herno Organic Sloe Gin, Herno Distillery Sweden,

Herno Organic Sloe Gin is a London Dry Gin style matured with organic sloe berries and gently sweetened with local Swedish honey,

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500ml £38.86

Zeer Oude Genever, Bols, Netherlands,

Zeer Oude Genever, Bols, Netherlands is distilled from 100% pure grain, but by the usage of other botanicals and a little caramel added is a slightly sweeter style, presented in a ceramic bottle.

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1 L £39.28

Corner53 L.M.P.Gin,

L.M.P Lemon Meringue Pie Gin by Corner53, Clanfield near Waterlooville, Hampshire is made by building a homemade lemon meringue pie in the pot still\'s column and vapour infusing through its layers of pastry, lemon curd and meringue.

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500ml £39.58

Downton Distillery Explorer's Gin,

Downton Distillery Explorer\'s Gin, Wiltshire pays tribute to the explorers of the \'Golden Era\', who navigated uncharted waters and to today\'s explorers who continue to push the boundaries. Explorer\'s Gin is Downton Distillery\'s first released gin, capturing the \'Spirit of Adventure.\' Downton Explorer\'s Gin is a London Dry gin. Citrus, pepper, verbena and cedar provide a smooth tasting spirit that is enjoyed on the rocks or with tonic,

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700ml £39.65

Becketts Dry Gin, London,

Becketts Dry Gin, London has an exquisite taste and wonderfully smooth finish. It is a small batch super premium spirit carefully crafted using the finest ingredients. It is the only gin in the world infused with juniper berries from England. The result is a warm, aromatic and bittersweet character with a cool finish. The selection of botanicals for Becketts Gin is juniper handpicked from Box Hill in Surrey. Moroccan lime and coriander is used for the citrus notes, Spanish sweet orange peel and Italian orris root is added to smooth all the botanicals to perfection as well as infusing Kingston upon Thames mint.

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750ml £39.66

Sacred Old Tom Gin, London,

Sacred Old Tom Gin, London has been awarded Best Old Tom Gin at the World Gin Awards. This is an interpretation of the 18th Century staple, Old Tom Gin. It has bold notes of juniper and naturally sweetened with liquorice in the traditional manner. Perfect served with tonic or in a Martinez,

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700ml £39.66

Salcombe Rose Sainte Marie Gin,

Salcombe Rose Sainte Marie Gin has been inspired by the aromas, flavours and lifestyle of the Mediterranean coast. Bright, fresh with fragrant notes of citrus, Provence herbs, a whisper of red fruits and the sweet perfume of orange blossom.

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700ml £39.70

Badachro Gin, Badachro Distillery, Scotland,

Badachro Gin Distillery is located in the hamlet of Badachro in the Scottish Highlands. An array of exquisite botanicals from surrounding hills, woodlands, fields and shores of Gairloch are collected and combined in a copper pot still to make a stunning gin produced from wild, locally foraged botanicals with the purest of Highland Waters.

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700ml £39.74

Tudor Gin, Portsmouth Distillery,

Tudor Gin by the Portsmouth Distillery Co has been created by using botanicals found on the wreck of Henry Vlll\'s Flag Ship Mary Rose. These include Dandelion, Hemp seed, Hazelnut and Cherry, which combine to give a smooth, rich, dry gin complete with a burst of cherry. With every bottle sold a generous contribution goes to the Mary Rose Trust, helping to ensure the future of this important project.

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700ml £39.85

Cotswolds London Dry Gin, Cotswold Distilling Company,

Cotswolds London Dry Gin is a unique botanical mix and purest wheat spirit combined in a handmade Holsteins copper pot still, beautifully balanced,

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700ml £39.88

Kinrara Highland Dry Gin, Cairngorm,

Kinrara Distillery was established in late 2017 on the Kinrara Estate which is owned by the Fletcher family and is predominately a sporting estate for Hunting & Fishing. The Estate also acts as a natural habitat to some of Scotland\'s rarest flora & fauna.

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700ml £39.94

Tiger Premium Gin, The Shropshire Gin Company,

Tiger Premium Gin, The Shropshire Gin Company is complex yet strikingly smooth and sweet, distilled from botanicals, spices and grain sourced each season from the best harvests around the world,

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700ml £39.95

Kreator (Jin), Mackmyra,

Kreator (Jin), Mackmyra is an organic gin produced from only Swedish Ingredients. It has a nose of Swedish forest, juniper and raspberry. Fresh citrus with balanced sweet vanilla and spicy cardamom. There is a taste of juniper with hints of raspberry, coriander and fresh citrus tones with distinct, lingering tones of fresh citrus and juniper.

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500ml £39.95

Fordington Gin, Dorset,

Fordington Gin is locally created in Dorchester, Dorset bringing you a London Dry Gin with a special and uniquely magical twist based on absinthe botanicals. Fordington Gin is an excellent British Gin, created with a unique combination of carefully sourced botanicals. A gentle and distinctive creation, Fordington Gin uses juniper, star anise and lemon balm to create a subtle and original flavour.

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700ml £39.95

Hollys Gin, Cornwall,

Hollys Gin from Cornwall is a small batch dry fresh and vibrant gin with 9 botanicals, including Passion Flower, Gentian Root and Orange. The Gin is distilled in two 300l copper pot stills called Doris and Rose at Trevethan Distillery in Saltash, Cornwall. John Hall, Trevethan\'s Head Distiller uses traditional methods, and has upscaled Holly\'s recipe beautifully. Delicate and delicious, this moreish gin makes the perfect G&T!

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700ml £39.95

Shortcross Gin, Northern Ireland,

Shortcross Gin, County Down, Northern Ireland, is Northern Ireland\'s first premium craft distillery. The key botanicals, wild clover, elderflowers, elderberries, green apples are all foraged from the Rademan Estate on which it is made creating a soft, elegant and floral gin,

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700ml £39.98

Out of Stock

Lilliput Dorset Gin, Poole, Dorset,

Lilliput Dorset Gin, Poole, Dorset has been distilled from organic home grown Rosemary, organic Basil from Egypt, Organic Thyme from Spain and organic fresh water fermented Kalamato Olives from Greece. These individual infusions are combined with a unique blend of botanicals including wild foraged Juniper from Bosnia. These all make a combination of tastes and aromas that evoke a feeling of being by the sea and the escape to the Dorset Coast - a feeling of summertime.

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500ml £39.98

Bobby's Schiedam Dry Gin, Holland,

Bobby\'s Schiedam Dry Gin has a mixture of local and exotic botanicals have created a very fragrant and intricate top ranking gin. The taste picks-up lemongrass, cloves and lots of juniper, all this is combined with dried fruit and warm sweet spice on the finish.

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700ml £39.99

Edinburgh Gin, Navy Strength, Cannonball, Scotland,

Edinburgh Gin, Navy Strength, Cannonball uses a unique recipe which includes double juniper, Szechuan pepper, lemon zest to bring a strong distinctive flavour,

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700ml £40.38

Tanqueray NoTen Batch Distilled Gin,

Tanqueray No Ten Batch Distilled Gin has an exquisite flavour and smooth finish from fresh botanicals and hints of citrus, makes a fresh tasting martini,

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700ml £40.42

No3 London Dry Gin,

No3 London Dry Gin is a perfectly balanced smooth fresh gin from essential botanicals of juniper, sweet orange peel, angelica root, coriander combined with cardamom seeds and grapefruit peel,

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700ml £40.79

Coriander Gin, Sacred Spirit Company, London,

Coriander Gin from Sacred Spirit Company is a spicy classic gin with dominate notes of Indian Coriander seeds to create a unique dry spirit with an uplifting and aromatic bouquet. Great for Gimlet with fresh lime.

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700ml £40.85

NB Gin, Navy Strength Gin, Scotland,

NB Gin Navy Strength, Scotland is strong on flavour as well as alcohol strength, intensifying the great taste and depth of character,

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700ml £41.33

Out of Stock

Ungava Wheat Gin, Canada,

Ungava Wheat Gin, Canada is made with rare botanicals from the Canadian North, a blend of 100% natural ingredients that give its captivating aroma and intriguing colour,

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700ml £41.35