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Gin is juniper flavoured quality grain spirit traditionally made in London, but now produced in many different countries around the world. All gin should be flavoured with juniper berries and the difference between the many different tasting gins will be the varying types of botanicals and herbs infused after the distilling process. Many of the gins are craft gins produced by Artisan producers in small batches and are exceptional spirits with their unique, carefully selected and often hand picked botanicals creating distinctive flavours for each gin.

You can buy online many styles of Gin. The most traditional and popular type is London Dry which can now be made anywhere, always classic and full of juniper flavours. Genever is a very old and original style from Holland which is sometimes sweeter in taste. Old Tom is also slightly sweetened and Navy Strength is so called because the gunpowder will still fire if you spill your drink on it.

The basic gin spirit can be distilled from grain, potatoes, grapes, hops and apples. There are about four distinctive flavours which you can buy from Alexander Hadleigh Wine Merchants. Classic gin takes its predominate flavour from juniper berries, the source of the characteristic, crisp scent of pine needles and a natural fit for the gin and tonic. Light and fragrant, floral gins are popular modern varieties full of subtle flavours of infused coriander, elderflower or almonds. Bold, refreshing gins are packed with zesty citrus flavours such as orange, grapefruit or lime adding complexity to a strikingly different finish. Herbal gins offer intriguing and complex flavours of aromatic fragrances from wild mint, thyme and basil. Secret recipes handed down give a balance of aromatic, spice and sweet flavours. New distilleries are infusing fruits such as blueberries, raspberries and pomegranates.

Alexander Hadleigh Wine Merchants based in Locks Heath near Southampton have an expansive choice of local gins which you can buy online from Hampshire, Dorset and Sussex as well as gins from distilleries in other regions of England, Scotland and also Spain, Sweden, Japan, New Zealand and America. Each gin has a description of its botanical mix along with serving suggestions from the classic gin and tonic to more elaborate gin cocktails.


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Old Curiosity Apothecary Rose Gin,

Old Curiosity Apothecary Rose Gin is richly aromatic with fresh rose notes. There is an outpouring of Potpourri, Turkish delight, a hint of brown sugar and soft angelica.

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500ml £35.98

Old Curiosity Chamomile & Cornflower Gin,

Old Curiosity Chamomile & Cornflower Gin is incredibly aromatic, fresh florals come to the fore along with heady citrus peels, before a gentle spiced warmth comes through on the palate. Elegant and herbaceous.

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500ml £35.98

Old Curiosity Lavender & Echinacea Gin,

Old Curiosity Lavender & Echinacea Gin has subtle notes of heather, peppercorn and a hint of Turkish delight with the floral notes of lavender.

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500ml £35.98

Williams Pink Grapefruit Gin, Chase Distillery, Herefordshire,

Williams Pink Grapefruit Gin, Chase Distillery, Herefordshire is a refreshing citrus hit enhanced by the bitter sweetness of pink grapefruit,

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700ml £35.99

Sacred Pink Grapefruit Gin, London,

Sacred Pink Grapefruit Gin, Sacred Spirits is a crystal clear gin with delicate and zesty vacuum distilled fresh whole cut Spanish and Italian pink grapefruit with a long, lush finish.

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700ml £36.34

Rock Rose Gin, Dunnet Bay, Scotland,

Rock Rose Gin, Dunnet Bay, Scotland is flavourful, fresh, zesty yet berryful, a unique taste from a blend of local and traditional botanicals including the wild Rhodiola Rosea found in the cliff rocks.

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700ml £36.43

Fort Gin, Portsmouth Distillery,

Fort Gin from Portsmouth Distillery in Fort Cumberland on Portsea Island is distilled in small batches of fine Portsmouth Dry Gin using a recipe based on the key botanicals of elderflower, Gorse Flower and Sea Radish, all found in the grounds of the Fort. These are combined with the Distillery\'s own blend of aromatic botanicals and produce an exceptional gin which has a full, rich, floral bouquet, is silky smooth on the palate yet a robust flavour and warmth on the finish.

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700ml £36.50

Sibling Gin, Sibling Distillery,Cheltenham,

Sibling Gin, Sibling Distillery, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire is triple distilled, rich and smooth with a hint of vanilla, touch of choclate, burst of creamy juicy blueberries and a long distinctive finish,

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700ml £36.58

Pinkster Gin, Cambridgeshire,

Pinkster Gin, Cambridgeshire is a premium gin distilled in small batches, deliciously dry with a subtle smooth finish. The selection of botanicals includes fresh raspberries which adds a gentle fruity flavour,

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700ml £36.65

The Botanist Islay Dry Gin, Scotland,

The Botanist Islay Dry Gin, Scotland is a highly distinctive, complex, floral gin with outstanding finish and impeccable provenance, crafted with 22 wild native Islay botanicals, hand picked by an expert foraging team from the windswept hills,peat bogs and Atlantic shores of this Hebridean Island and distilled in the unique and fabulous \"UGLY BETTY\",

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700ml £36.72

Victoria's Rhubarb Gin, Warner Edwards Distillery,

Victoria\'s Rhubarb Gin, Warner Edwards Distillery is rumbustious with a big burst of rhubarb steeped in provenance lineage, enjoy on its own or with either tonic or ginger ale,

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750ml £36.85

Bolney Estate Gin, Sussex,

Bolney Estate Gin is a classic English dry gin with a vibrant freshness of lemon oil and fennel, delicately balanced with a subtle juniper element. It is fragrant, grassy and savoury, fresh, bright and floral. It is richly scented with flavours of an English Hedgerow with a distinct trace of hawthorn, gathered from the vineyards borders.

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700ml £36.90

Masters Selection London Dry Gin, Spain,

Masters Selection London Dry Gin is grain alcohol redistilled in a pot still with Spanish Estate grown juniper, Spanish Coriander and Guatemalan cardamom, then three separate macerations of Spanish citrus are introduced, Sweet orange from Valencia, bitter orange from Seville and lemons from Seville. Each maceration is rsted separately for a full year being blended together and distilled again. At last the juniper-coriander-cardamom distillate is blended with the citrus distillate and bottled in a cobalt blue glass decanter.

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700ml £36.93

Chilgrove Bramble Gin, Sussex,

Chilgrove Bramble Gin is an unique grape-based gin distilled using Sussex mineral water and twelve outstanding botanicals exalting the exquisite blackberry. The resulting spirit is married with English blackberries for a full lunar cycle to fully capture the essence of the blackberries.

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750ml £36.95

Renegade London Gin, Doghouse Distillery,

Renegade New Age London Gin by Doghouse Distillery is a complex gin which combines notes of sage, mint, pepper, ginger, coriander, citrus and juniper. This makes a fabulously refreshing G&T and can be garnished with a sprig of rosemary.

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700ml £36.95

Van Wees Three Corner Premium Dry Gin,

Van Wees Three Corner Premium Dry Gin, The Netherlands is a gin made from 100% distilled gin, distilled from grain with the particular botanicals as used in the 17th century. Being a 100% distillate it\'s twice as concentrated as the standard quality gin. The flavours are intense and the palate soon recognises the mastery of this fine quality gin.

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500ml £36.98

Hendricks Gin,

Hendricks is a Scottish gin infused with rose petal and cucumber, very light elegant gin, incredible softness. Try using cucumber instead of lime,

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700ml £37.29

Crossbill Gin, Scotland,

Crossbill Gin has big juniper, hints of spruce and highland evergreens on the nose.Balanced, elegant almost, little oily. Big hints of juniper with a quite sharp, dry finish. Rosehip lines a citrus edge to the finish.

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700ml £37.48

Aviation Gin USA,

Aviation Gin from America is a daring mix of floral, spice, citrus and herb components which are distilled in copper pot stills, bold character with refined taste,

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750ml £37.50

Hedgerow Gin, Sloemotion,

Hedgerow Gin, Sloemotion, Yorkshire is handmade in small batches with locally foraged botanicals. a stylish craft gin with elegant but subtle fruit and floral notes.

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700ml £37.53

Fifty Pounds London Dry Gin, London,

Fifty Pounds Gin has a special blend of herbs, spices, fruit, flowers, perfectly balanced with de-mineralised pure spring water and four times distilled grain spirit alcohol. In 1736 King George 11 imposed an annual levy of 50 pounds on those wishing to produce and sell gin - only two distilleries agreed to pay this tax ...

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700ml £37.57

The London No1, Original Blue Gin,

The London No1 Original Blue Gin is delicate and elegant on the nose with marked spicy and balsamic notes, long refreshing finish,

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700ml £37.58

McQueen Dry Gin,

McQueen Dry Gin has a clean and distinct forest floor aroma on the nose with iris petals, lemon sherbet, Full-bodied juniper and rich vanilla. On the palate there is crisp lime,fragrant cassia,juniper and vanilla. The finish is fresh lingering leafy coriander.

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500ml £37.70

Thompson Brothers Organic Highland Gin,

Thompson Brothers Organic Highland Gin has soft citrus and earthy herbs which arrive first, carried on a creamy spirit. Soon enough, a vibrant kick of raspberry develops, joined by anise and peppery spice bolstering the juniper elements.

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500ml £37.70

Brockmans Premium Gin, England,

Brockmans Premium Gin is a blend of botanicals with subtle notes of berry which give an intensely smooth taste to this beautifully made gin,

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700ml £37.76