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France - The Loire Valley

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The Loire wine region of France is dominated by the River Loire itself. The longest river in France has its source in the centre of the country and flows through the five major wine producing areas of the Loire before entering the Atlantic Ocean just north of Nantes. The five sub-regions are: Pays Nantais, Anjou, Saumur, Touraine and right up near the mighty rivers source is the Upper Loire. All five areas producing very different styles of wine.

Pays Nantais is very well-known for its coastal seafood and its close friend Muscadet. Basic Muscadet is bone dry and combined with its high acid content can be an acquired taste, locals who drink it every day would think of it as the norm. A large proportion of Muscadet produced will support the words "sur lie" on its label. This signals a big step-up from the basic Muscadet and refers to a vinification process which allows the fermented wine to be left on its lees (sediment). This technique nutures a wine that displays a lot more fruit and depth of flavours.

Anjou, a region famous for its Chenin Blanc wines is located just south of Angers. The three wines most recognised by UK consumers are first Coteaux du Layon, a delicious dessert wine of high repute providing a little more acidity than its cousins in Bordeaux, also a perfect wine for long term cellering. Next this region produces a top quality bone dry white wine from the Chenin Blanc grapes, a wine with a lot of followers around the World. Third would be its most easily recognised wine, the easy everyday drinking Anjou Rose.

Saumur is famed for its fruity red wines and its well respected sparkling wines. The red wines such as Saumur-Champigny are permitted only to use one grape variety, Cabernet Franc. Some will say the style of wine is similar to Beaujolais (Gamay grape), light, fruity and very refreshing. Saumur is a major producer of quality sparkling wines. The wine making process being similar to that of champagne and many will argue its warmer climate produces wines of equal stature or in some cases even better.

Touraine like Saumur specialises in producing fine Cabernet Franc red wines, such as, Chinon and Bourgueil. The regions other claim to fame being Vouvray and its three Chenin Blanc styles e.g. Dry, sweet and sparkling and all with a good name for fine quality.

The Upper Loire at the far eastern end of the river is Sauvignon Blanc country. Most of the Worlds Sauvignon Blanc wines produced are bench-marked against the wines of this area e.g. Sancerre. Pouilly Fume and Menetou-Salon to name just a few. If there were a league table for best Loire wine region, the Upper Loire would wine every year and likewise they would be World Champions for the outstanding Sauvignon Blanc wines they produce. Many of the growers in this region also produce excellent red and rose wines under their district labels, such as Sancerre Rouge and Sancerre Rose.


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Rose D'Anjou Les Ligeriens, 2022

Rose D\'Anjou Les Ligeriens, Demi Sec Rosé, refreshing nose with aromas of mint and white pepper, red berries and English candy. Fruity with aromas of strawberries and redcurrants, round and smooth with a vivacity that balances the sweetness and refreshes the palate on the finish.

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750ml £11.56

Muscadet Sur Lie L'Aubiniere, 2021

Muscadet Sur Lie L\'Aubiniere, Coteaux de la Loire has an expressive bouquet of ripe pear and apple. An ample, fruity palate, elegance and minerality. A well rounded finish with notes of pears, excellent with seafood dishes.

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750ml £11.85

Touraine Sauvignon Blanc Domaine Francois Cartier, 2022

Touraine Sauvignon Blanc Domaine Francois Cartier ha complex aromas, elegant fruit flavours, long refreshing finish, ideal with fish and seafood dishes, superb aperitif,

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750ml £14.65

Valencay, Sebastien Vaillant, 2020

Valencay, Sebastien Vaillant is an unoaked blend of 85% Sauvignon Blanc and 15% Chardonnay. The Chardonnay adds body and texture to the wine and offers a slightly different flavour profile to that of its more famous neighbours Sancerre and Pouilly Fume, this is a crisp, steely yet well rounded wine.

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750ml £15.50

Out of Stock

St Nicolas de Bourgueil Domaine de la Chevalerie, 2016

St Nicolas de Bourgueil Domaine de la Chevalerie is a very feminine style with aromas of wildflowers with a pleasing and supple structure. This wine can be enjoyed slightly chilled.

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750ml £15.55

Chinon, Chateau Coudray-Montpensier, 2019

Chateau Coudray-Montpensier Chinon has robust aromas of black fruit and vanilla, the wine is refreshing with bright acidity and subtle, round tannins, with blackcurrant and spice on the finish.

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750ml £15.55

Touraine Sauvignon Blanc Domaine des Corbillieres Loire, 2021

Touraine Sauvignon Blanc Domaine des Corbillieres Loire Is intensely citric with grapefruit and gooseberry flavors that fill the palate and give a tight, tangy aftertaste. Classic, intensely herbaceous and grassy, this is fine cool-climate Sauvignon Blanc. It keeps some restraint as the fresh grapefruit flavors soften out midpalate.

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750ml £15.95

Muscadet Sevre et Maine Sur Lie, Chateau du Coing de St Fiacre, 2022

Muscadet Sevre et Maine Sur Lie, Chateau du Coing de St Fiacre, Pale lemon in colour with a slight pétillance, this is a lovely wine with aromas of fresh peach and green apple. The palate is vibrant with concentrated flavours of citrus fruit, white flowers and apricot, which are well-balanced with a crisp acidity and gentle minerality. The time spent on lees adds complex toasty aromas and a richness to the finished wine.

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750ml £16.55

Chateau Moncontour Vouvray Sec 2021

Chateau Moncontour Vouvray Sec is pure, simple & unadulterated, you get the essence of Loire Chenin here with up-front orchard fruit, racey & mineral freshness & a little flick of honey to bind the whole thing.

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750ml £16.98

Quincy, Domaine des Ballandors, 2021

Domaine des Ballandors Quincy has a bright yellow colour in the glass with some lively citrus on the nose and a touch of exotic stone fruit. The palate is very refreshing, with fine acidity supporting excellent lemon intensity. The finish is long and lingering with gentle mineral notes alongside the round fruit flavours.

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750ml £19.98

Domaine de Bel Air Pouilly-Fume, 2019

Domaine de Bel Air Pouilly-Fume has a pale lemon-yellow colour in the glass with green tints. The nose is clean with crisp citrus fruit notes and subtle white flowers. The firm, mineral palate has excellent balance of fine, fresh acidity with intense lemon and pear flavours and a nice long finish.

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750ml £20.95

Saumur Champigny Domaine des Sables Verts, 2020

Domaine des Sable Verts Saumur Champigny Glouglou displays enticing aromas of juicy raspberry, blackcurrant and redcurrant fruit. These red fruit characters carry through to the palate alongside supple tannins and a fresh acidity, resulting in a crisp finish.

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750ml £20.98

Le Prieure De Saint-Ceols Menetou-Salon Loire 2020

Le Prieure De Saint-Ceols Menetou-Salon Loire is pale yellow in colour with silver highlights. On the nose are exotic aromas of passion fruit and coconut, with fresh orange and mandarin citrus notes and delicate hints of tarragon and spice. The palate is supple and has a pleasant fullness, enveloping the mouth beautifully. Yellow fruits and a lifted freshness linger on the finish

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750ml £20.98

Vouvray Demi-Sec Domaine Sylvain Gaudron Loire 2016

Vouvray Demi-Sec Domaine Sylvain Gaudron Loire is a honeyed Chenin Blanc, perfumed with fresh hay, kept taut and lively by lemon acidity yet with a welcome touch of sweetness. The ultimate cheese wine. Has the acidity to cut through creamy textures, but also a hint of sweetness to partner blues. By the same token it works well with shellfish and chilli heat.

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750ml £22.65

Out of Stock

Sancerre Blanc, Domaine Nicolas Girard, 2019

Sancerre Blanc, Domaine Nicolas Girard has concentrated citrus and white flower flavours, balanced with excellent acidity and a lifted mineral finish. This crisp wine is an ideal partner for any smoked salmon dish. Pale lemon in colour with subtle green tints. On the nose, it is fresh and aromatic. On the palate, the wine has an attractive mineral quality, with a full body and refreshing acidity. The wine has the classic purity of citrus fruit, hay and nettles that is found in top quality Sancerre.

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750ml £23.35

Domaine Figeat 'L'Heritage' Pouilly-Fume 2021

Domaine Figeat \'L\'Heritage\' Pouilly-Fume is pale lemon in colour. The nose is characterised by enticing aromas of citrus and white peach with a hint of gunflint. Complex and rich on the palate, the expressive bright citrus and stone fruit notes are well balanced by a precise acidity which persists on the long finish.

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750ml £24.50

Pouilly Fume Les Doigts d'Or de Dolly, 2020

Pouilly Fume Les Doigts d\'Or de Dolly presents a lovely light golden colour and a brilliant robe with fresh and rather subtle fruity nose. Thanks to the flinty soil, there is the particularity of the \"pierre à fusil\" taste with a hint of minerals. The wine combines freshness and roundness.

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750ml £24.95

Sancerre Les Doigts d'Or de Dolly, 2021

Sancerre Les Doigts d\'Or de Dolly, Alphonse Dolly has surprising texture and complexity with many of the crisp, racy lemon/lime flavorus found in Sancerre. Produced from family owned vineyards, it is crisp and refreshing with excellent minerality, grip and style. the finish shows touches of white flowers with hints of discreet citrus peel and an underlying chorus of clean mineral notes.

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750ml £25.75

Sancerre Rouge Domaine Sautereau, 2020

Domaine Sautereau Sancerre Rouge is ruby red in colour, this wine shows notes of black cherries, raspberries, blackcurrant and spices. The palate is fruity and elegant with fine tannins and a touch of minerality which adds length to the finish.

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750ml £26.50

Pouilly Fume, Jean-Pierre Bailly, 2022

Pouilly Fume, Domaine Jean-Pierre Bailly, The nose is very expressive, intense and complex. It has delicate aromas of peach, citrus and white flowers that are complemented by an elegant stony minerality. The palate is harmonious, with mineral freshness balancing the intense fruit. It has a very long and deliciously citrus finish.

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750ml £26.65

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Sancerre Rose, Domaine Sautereau, 2022

Domaine Sautereau Sancerre Rose is bright, pale pink in colour, with lively notes of strawberries and raspberries on the nose. Full-bodied in the mouth with refreshing acidity, this wine has delicate fruits-of-the-forest flavours and a long, elegant finish.

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750ml £27.95

Sancerre, Domaine Des Brosses, 2022

Sancerre, Domaine Des Brosses has a fresh citrus palate with herbaceous notes of hay and nettle, richly textured with an elegant finish,

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750ml £29.95

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Sancerre Chavignol, Domaine Pierre Martin, 2017

Sancerre Chavignol, Domaine Pierre Martin, Loire valley has an elegant fine nose which unveils ripe fruits and floral notes, shows complex minerality with a long lingering finish.

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750ml £35.55

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Moulin Touchais, Anjou 1983

Sweet, deep bodied , lusciously rich, a classic dessert wine

Has flavours of lemon, toffee and honeycomb with fresh acidity and a rich, generous mouthfeel

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750ml £83.68