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Our range of spirits is both traditional popular brands and then the unusual in the sense we list rare and limited small batch specialities often unique in taste and style. Good spirits are benefiting enormously from the efforts of producers who recognise the need to respond to customers desiring higher quality and much greater quality We believe our range more than covers these requirements

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Pisco 1615 Quebranta,

Pisco 1615 Quebranta has floral and light citrus scent on the nose, followed buy hints of peach, mango, dried figs on the palate. The finish picks-up notes of sweet warm spice and some orange peel.

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700ml £36.00

Vecchia Romangia Brandy Italy,

Vecchia Romangia Brandy Italy is Smooth, intense, persistent. Yellow candied fruit blends with fruit preserved in spirits and spicy notes of cinnamon, pimento and cloves. The complex notes of walnut leaf and newly dried tobacco leaf stand out, as well as coffee and fortified wines such as madeira.

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700ml £36.95

Pastis Henri Bardouin France,

Pastis Henri Bardouin France,is made to an authentic recipe of 60 herbs and spices especially star anise, infused with herbs from Provence, so flavoursome that it is suggested you enjoy it well diluted with water,

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700ml £37.55

Aalborg Taffel Aquavit, Denmark,

Aalborg Taffel Aquavit was voted in 2002 the best aquavit in the World. Crystal clear and full of character, with a pure caraway bouquet supported by a slight hint of orange. Best served chilled alongside salty foods such as herring, smoked salmon or gorgonzola.

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700ml £38.65

Aalborg Porse Snaps, Denmark,

Aalborg Porse Snaps has a distinct and characteristic taste of sweet gale and warm sweet spice. The body is rich, fruity and smooth, with a hint of rosemary and sherry in the long lingering aftertaste.

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700ml £38.85

Stroh 80 Inlander Rum Spirit Of Austria,

Stroh 80 Inlander Rum Spirit Of Austria, is an immensely potent superstrength version of the cult Austrian favourite. Delicious in coffee and commonly added to desserts (particularly flambes) as well as cocktails.

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500ml £39.90

Pisco, El Gobernador, Miquel Torres, Chile,

An aromatic, floral, well rounded spirit from Muscat grapes, warming alcohol, sweet fruity flavours, warm, earthy finish

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700ml £39.95

Aalborg Jubilaeums Aquavit, Denmark,

Aalborg Jubilaeums Aquavit, Denmark has a refined taste of dill and coriander and makes it the perfect choice for any good meal, in particular light and simple modern cusine. It is best enjoyed chilled, but can also be enjoyed at room temperature.

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700ml £42.75

Pisco Macchu, Peru,

Pisco Macchu from Peru is a clear spirit produced from the Quebranta grape. try over ice or long cocktails.

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700ml £43.98

Absinthe La Fee Parisienne

A spirit distilled with wormwood under the supervision of The Absinthe Museum, France. Dark green with a rich bouquet of anisee and louches, captures all the aromas and tastes that great writers and artists enjoyed at the end of the 19th Century

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500ml £45.95

Pisco Waqar, Chile,

Pisco Waqar is a premium Chilean pisco from the Camposano family, now on to their fifth generation in the business. Waqar is made using Muscat wine, it is distilled in small batches to produce a natural and aromatic pisco.

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700ml £46.85

Aalborg Dild Aquavit, Denmark,

Aalborg Dild Aquavit has a pure, fresh aroma of dill with an aftertaste that has slightly aniseed like character with a hint of lemon against a seasoned background of dill seeds which pleasantly adds a sweet element. Best served chilled for the optimum experience of fresh green dill.

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700ml £46.95

Lysholm Linie Original Aquavit, Norway,

Lysholm Linie Original Aquavit, Norway has very pleasant aromas of spice and a little hints of lemon peel. The palate picks-up caraway and star anise, also the oak is providing rich sherry notes and lots of warm complexity.

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700ml £48.50

Absente Absinthe, France,

Absente Absinthe, France is today a refined liqueur to be enjoyed as an aperitif or as a refreshing tall drink with water, complete with a spoon,

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700ml £49.98

Aalborg Nordguld Aquavit, Denmark,

Aalborg Nordguld Aquavit, Denmark is the World\'s only aquavit distilled with amber (the gold of the North) Its made from classic aquavit spices and fennel and is then matured in Spanish sherry casks to get its smooth and harmonious finish.

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700ml £52.95

Absinthe Grande Absente,

Absinthe Grande Absente, Distilleries & Domaines de Provence is made exclusively with the highest quality spirits and botanicals, including a full measure of the legendary botanical Wormwood, also known as Artemisis Absinthium.

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700ml £59.98