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Mezcal Bruxo X Espadin Barril,

ProductsSpirits - Tequila and Mezcal › Mezcal Bruxo X Espadin Barril,


Mezcal Bruxo X Espadin Barril,
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700ml : £38.98

Country of OriginMexico
Bottling ByBruxo

Mezcal Bruxo X Espadin Barril has aromas of citrus, flowers and peanuts are followed by orange peel, fresh fruit, chamomile, mineral and honey notes on the tongue. Bruxo X Mezcal is made from a blend of 80% espadin agave spirit and 20% barril agave spirit. The name Bruxo is derived from the word Brujo, which means shaman, but is spelled with an x to reflect the pronunciation of Oaxaca, where Bruxo is based.

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