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No need for rum runners anymore, at Alexander Hadleigh Wine Merchants, Southampton, Hampshire UK we have a classic selection of fine rum and we can do all the running for you. We list a good series of styles and flavours of pleasurable rums that will suit most people’s tastes. Our range of rums include many from all the main Caribbean Islands and a commendable selection of rums from many other countries such as Australia, Panama and Venezuela.

Many folks view rum in four different styles or categories….white and overproof rum, aged rum, rhum agricole and navy and dark rum. Although the production processes and uses of The sugar cane fruit are different, and as a slight contridiction many of use will see similarities between the four different styles in a blind tasting. Just food for thought.

Aged rum can cover a variety of options in the world of rum. Most are a bright and attractive golden amber colour, giving off fruity spices and caramel tastes to the tongue. Aged rums are usually from different vintages or batches that are incorporated together to ensure continuity of style and taste from year to year. Not to dissimilar of the winemaker who has the task of maintaining the vineyards reputation for continuity of style and taste, irrespective of any variation in a particular vintage. Many of these styles of rum highlight on their labels their age sometimes even the various ages that make up the final batch of rum.Although some rums like Mount Gay exhibit the XO mark similar to cognac on their label.Another highly recommended classic is Doorly's 12 year old Barbados aged rum.

Rhum agricole is different from most other rums in that it is produced from processed sugar cane juice. On the Caribbean Island of Martinique (famous for its rhum agricole) sugar cane is grown specifically for making this style of rhum. The process is first to ferment the fresh sugar cane juice and then to distill into a strong flavoured spirit. Probably the best style of rhum/rum to influence most rum Cocktails----just try it in a classic daiquiri.

Navy and dark rum are available in the main under two categories, some rums whose styles and origins go way back to the eighteenth and nineteenth century when basic rums were coloured to create the perception of old age, rich and tasty. Then we have quality traditional rums with no artificial flavourings or colour added and these full bodied dark rums have a nose of molasses, treacle and toffee with a smooth mellow finish combined with a lingering and memorable sweet flavour. Some notable navy and dark rums would be Goslings Black Seal, Myer's Original Dark and the Pusser's range of navy rums.

White and overproof rums----the statement is a little self explanatory and usually refers to overproof white rums with an alcohol content of greater than 57.5%, which is very high indeed. J Wray and Nephew's White rum is probably the best selling rum of its type in the world----it comes in at 63% a very potent white rum and not for the faint hearted. Another excellent white rum which is not over proof would be Matusalem Platino from the Dominican Republic at 40% abv.

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Opthimus Premium Rum 25 Year Old, Dominican Republic

Opthimus Premium Rum 25 Year Old, Dominican Republic A limited production of premium Dominican Rum aged 25 years - soft, gentle and showing lots of elegance. One of the best rums made.

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700ml £94.62

Limited Stock

Zacapa Centenario Rum XO 25yrs , Guatemala

Zacapa Centenario Rum XO 25yrs , Guatemala For people who live life on the sweeter side. Aged for 25 years in a double \'solera\' in warehouses that sit at 7650 feet- cool temperatures, tropical ageing- exceptional. Refined Indulgence

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700ml £114.00