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Spirits - Calvados and Apple Brandy

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Calvados and apple or cider brandy are very similar spirits made from hundreds of different apple varieties. Normandy in France is the only region with an official appellation controlee for producing calvados to specific rules and processes. Apple brandy made outside Normandy cannot be called calvados and is protected by law. Although apple brandy is produced in various parts of the World, it has limited recognition and scope when compared to the numerous styles and qualities of calvados. There are exceptions and two brands that do have a fine international reputation for producing and marketing unique and exceptional quality apple brandy are Laird's Applejack, America's answer to Calvados and the UK's contribution with Somerset Apple Brandy, an apple brandy that has its own EU appellation controlee.

Calvados is distilled from cider made from specially grown and selected apples, well over two hundred named varieties are utilised each year by the many Calvados producers in Normandy. There is a lot of individuality amongst the Calvados producers and distilleries, many secret blends of apple cider are fermented from the many apple choices which varying from the most bitter to the most sweet. At harvest time the apples are pressed into juice and in the main are fermented into a dry cider. The cider is then distilled and after aging in oak casks for a minimum of two years, the finished product can be calvados. The longer the calvados is aged, the smoother the drink becomes, also the depth of apple character becomes more pronounced and the length of taste lingers on for much longer.

Apple brandy as per the well known Somerset brand is processed from the crop of apples into cider and then through the distilling stage in a very similar way to calvados, including high standards and fine quality choices which embrace oak aged cider brandies up to ten years of age.

Alexander Hadleigh Wine Merchants, Southampton, Hampshire, UK do offer a wide and varied selection of calvados and apple brandies, including VS, VSOP, XO, vintage and aged. Our fine list of calvados and apple brandies will match and suit most budgets and are available online or from our Southampton Wine Shop.

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Somerset Cider Brandy 20 Years Old,

Somerset Cider Brandy 20 years old has a great nose of mature apples and oak, followed by very deep baked apples and sweet prune like flavours on the palate. On the finish you still maintain the oak and apples, but now hints of vanilla also come into play.

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500ml £62.85

Calvados Camut 6yrs Pays d'auge 6

Fine oaky spice, touch of vanilla, fresh flavours of apples, butterscotch, crisp finish with a kick

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700ml £66.17

Calvados Pere Magloire 12yrs,

Calvados Pere Magloire 12yrs is a fine and subtle blend achieves its richness after aging in slected oak casks, unique aromas of fresh hazelnuts, vanilla and spices, beautiful intensity,

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700ml £67.68

Chateau du Breuil 1994 Calvados Du Pays D'Auge

Full of character and distinguished, plump and woody with an unique apple taste. Only contains the apples of 1993 and has been distilled in 1994.

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750ml £82.63

Calvados Pere Magloire Pays D'Auge XO,

Pere Magloire XO An exceptional blend distilled twice and aged in oak casks with a subtle bouquet of apples and long lasting palate,

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700ml £85.98

Calvados Pere Magloire XO Memoire,

Calvados Pere Magloire XO Memoire has a lovely glow of carmine amber colour and well presented. On the nose you find ripe apples, vanilla and clove, as we move to the palate we pick-up candied orange, apricot, nutmeg and all staying with the long lingering quality finish.

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700ml £92.65

Calvados Pere Magloire Pays D'Auge 20yrs,

Calvados Pere Magloire Pays D\'Auge 20yrs is rare and unique, sumptuous, subtly rich aroma of oak bark and ripe apple, smooth, perfectly rounded flavour,

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500ml £111.58

Calvados Pere Magloire XO Extra Heritage,

Calvados Pere Magloire XO Extra Heritage the brown amber colour unveils a blend of 20 years old cuvees which have been twice distilled in traditional pot stills. The brandy has subtle oak bark perfumes on the nose, including apple and licorice. The palate picks-up roasted almond and sugar almonds. Best straight and neat at room temperature.

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700ml £132.79