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Cocktail and Bar Equipment

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Buy Bar and Cocktail Equipment Online

Cocktails are now hugely popular and many people are setting up Cocktail Bars at home to enjoy the experience, if that is your ambition then we have all the necessary bar and cocktail equipment listed in this section

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1 £8.60

Urban Bar 360 Muddler

The ultimate pummeling tool with spikes all round,Very well-made and durable, this is a smart steel-handled, plastic-headed cocktail muddler.

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1 £8.95

Whisky Stones, Granite Ice Cubes,

Whisky Stones Granite Ice Cubes cool your favourite spirit without diluting the taste. Whisky Stones are handcrafted in Vermont at the oldest soapstone workshop in America, which has been in continuous operation since 1850. The craftsmen of Vermont Soapstone have pursed perfection in cube-size form, one stone at a time.

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1 £12.95

Manhattan Cocktail Shaker,

Manhattan Cocktail Shaker is Essential for a Manhattan Cocktail,

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1 £13.98

Cocktail Glass Edge Rimmer,

This Cocktail Glass Edge Rimmer opens out to show trays which can have cocktail salts and sugars to edge an upside down cocktail glass before pouring the cocktail,

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1 £14.24

Squeezer Stainless Steel,

Squeezer Stainless Steel is a sturdy solid squeezer for limes, lemons, oranges and almost any other fruit or soft vegetable made from stainless steel, comes with a lifetime guarantee,

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1 £17.00

Ice Bucket & Tongs,

Ice Bucket & Tongs is a stainless steel ice bucket with lid and ice tongs,

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0.00 £19.95

Ribbed Cocktail Shaker,

Ribbed Cocktail Shaker is a classy cocktail shaker,

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1 £22.28

Savoy Cocktail Shaker,

Savoy Cocktail Shaker is a three piece cocktail shaker for making those famous Savoy cocktails,

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1 £22.55

Urban Bar Cubana Mixing Glass

Mix your exotic cocktail in this before pouring

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1 £24.50

Calabrese Cocktail Shaker,

Calabrese Cocktail Shaker is a two piece cocktail shaker designed with Salvatore Calabrese in his quest for making the perfect cocktail,

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1 £28.75

Ice Crusher

Perfect for crushing ice, stainless steel blade ensures safe and efficient crushing, includes a collection tray and serving spoon

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1 £28.95

Urban Bar Boston Cocktail Kit

Essential cocktail equipment, contains 1 Boston Shaker - can with glass, 1 Bar Spoon for measuring,stirring and layering cocktails, 1 Hawthorn Strainer

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1 £29.85