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Matching Food with Wine

Distinctive and everyday cuisine deserves the accompaniment of good wine and hopefully the following facility allows you to select a food dish either by scrolling the drop down menu or by typing in a food dish of your choice. Once selected, a series of wine options that match your food dishes will be recommended, including particular regions and growers.

Your Food SelectionView Recommended Wines Here

Click the button below to highlight a wine or dish which is not held within our portfolio and we will make recommendations and also if appropriate will include within our food and wine database for sharing with other customers.

Much effort and expertise has produced this series of recommendations and feedback from our customers is always very positive, but it should be remembered that in the main, taste is subjective and a very exciting challenge. Only by experimenting with different wines and pairings of food and wine, will lead to many more interesting and pleasurable moments, which is what good food, wine and life should be about.