We Are Off Again

31 May 2017 6:44 pm | Posted by siteadmin

Graham D is back after a number of years researching the vineyards of Northern Greenland “one of my favourite wines has to be icewine”

His new schedule of Blogs will commence in early June 2017 and will feature articles on individual and often unique wines, spirits and liqueurs – of course by popular demand a whole new series of Food and Wine Pairing.

There will be a lots of info on Gins this time , since it’s UK’s most popular spirit.

Bewarned some other unpredictable events may also occur ???

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Chablis Wines from Domaine Moreau

Domaines Louise Moreau was born from the passion of a family living in Chablis since 1814. As early as the late 19th century, their love for great wines led to the purchase of plots in Grands Crus and Premiers Crus.

Today they are proprietor of parcels in five of the Grands Crus and own individual vineyards within the appellations of Petit Chablis, Chablis and Premiers Crus. Most of the vineyards are managed using organic principles working in harmony with the environment.

The most prestigious of its wines is the monopole Chablis Grand Cru Clos des Hospices dans Les Clos, which was acquired by the Moreau family in 1904.

Louis Moreau, who has been head of the domaine since 1994, produces wines with a unique style, combining minerality, fineness, elegance and purity.

We have recently listed the following wines from Domaine Moreau –  Petit Chablis, Chablis, Chablis 1er Cru Vaulignot and Chablis Grand Cru Les Clos








Happy Chablis Days


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Traditional Wines from Bordeaux

2 February 2012 1:54 pm | Posted by siteadmin

Traditonal Wines from Bordeaux

In the heart of the beautiful Entre-Deux-Mers in the Bordeaux wine-producing region, near Creon, the vineyards of Chateau Haut Pougnan spread on the slopes of the right bank of the Garonne, superb clay-limestone soil and gravel.

The slopes are home to East and South vineyards of red wine grapes, the slopes West remain the domain of white wines.
The nature of the calcareius clay of these soils result in very fine wines with subtle bouquet.

The following grape varieties are utilised in the making of various wines on the estate. The red wines from Merlot (50%), Cabernet Sauvignon (40%) and Cabernet Franc (10%) reflects the triology of Bordeaux varietals.
For white wines, Sauvignon (70%), Semillion (25%) and Muscadelle (5%) give them a delicacy and a prestigious bouquet.

pougnan-pair Chateau Haut Pougnan 1er Cotes de Bordeaux Rouge, rich and fruity has a tanicity particulary well balanced. On a beautiful dress, this wine continues to please with its elegance and balance in the  mouth.

Chateau Haut Pougnan Blanc is of great finesse and has a remarkable bouquet. Sauvignon Blanc is perfect for seafood dishes, or at any time simply for pleasure .

White wines are ideal for drinking young but will store well for a number of years.
Red wines are aged a year in oak barrels and flourish at the end of three to five years. Great vintages mature harmoniously in the cellar with an ageing potential from eight to ten years.

Both wines can be drunk on their own, or will make a wonderful accomplement for an evening dinner.



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FOOD and WINE PAIRING—Chinese Food

2 December 2010 11:25 am | Posted by siteadmin

 FOOD and WINE PAIRING—Chinese Food (continuation from blog  “ Food and Wine Pairing”  dated 24 October  2010)

 INTRODUCTION:—–this blog and the many more following will examine the pleasurable and often complex relationship between good food and wine, with the ultimate aim to assist our many discerning customers evolve the convivial bonding of good food and wine.

FOOD BEING FEATURED:—–CHINESE FOOD, Cuisine that encompasses many different styles of cooking -noodles,dumplings and the sizzling meats of North China, lightly spiced seafood dishes of the eastern coastal regions, very hot and spicy dishes from Sichuan and then the huge variety of stir-fries which are popular in and around Canton.

CHALLENGES:—–The common perception is that Chinese Foods pair better with beer than wine -this is not true. With such a variety of tastes and flavours as highlighted above, the challenge is tricky, but certainly not impossible. We do need to consider wines that are all rounders, wines that pair well with the delicate dim sum dishes as well as sharp and spicy dishes which utilize much pepper and chilli. 

RECOMMENDATIONS:—–There are a number of wines that work well with most Chinese dishes – the conventional wisdom of matching a medium bodied Gewurztraminer W. Gisselbrecht with either light fish dishes or hot Sichuan dishes does work very well. A German Riesling of Kabinett quality such as Johannisberger Erntebringer has similar attributes in pairing with the variety of tastes and flavours of Chinese food. For lovers of red wines, try a New World full bodied Merlot from Santa Cecilia Chile, the wine has a good balance of fruit and tannins which will compliment light dishes of the South and the more robust and spicy dishes of Northern China.

A little tip – similar to Indian or Thai food, sip a little water between different wines and different courses. It helps a lot in introducing a new wine or changing from a spicy to more delicate dish.

MAIN DIRECTORY:—–click on The Marriage of Food and Wine to access our quick search facility to locate hundreds of other food/wine/food pairing options, including hors-d’oeuvres, starters, soups, main courses and deserts. Also view Great Friends-Cheese and Wine for cheese and wine pairing.




Graham D

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Food and Wine Pairing—Oily fish

29 May 2009 9:14 am | Posted by siteadmin

(continuation from blog  “ The Pairing of Food and Wine—an introduction to the subject ”  dated 15th May 2009)


INTRODUCTION:—–this blog and the many more following will examine the pleasurable and often complex relationship between good food and wine, with the ultimate aim to assist our many discerning customers evolve the convivial bonding of good food and wine.

FOOD BEING FEATURED:—–strong tasting oily fish including SALMON, TROUT, TUNA, MACKEREL and our old summer favourite SARDINES.

CHALLENGES:—–the challenge can be split into two. First, oily fish Such as those highlighted above and cooked on their own and served with simple vegetables. Second, the same fish being cooked in or served with strong tasty sauces that go some way to alter or disguise the natural oily flavours of the fish. The first is the greater challenge of the two since strong fishy oils alter most wine flavours and the only way to fight back is to challenge such dishes with quality wines that are very dry and high in acidity.

RECOMMENDATIONS:—–our suggestions for oily fish without sauces would be two highly acidic but flavoursome wines, Bourgogne Aligote a single grape variety from the Burgundy region which is not too well known outside France and a great  favourite with the Burgundians when matching oily fish with wine. Our second selection is another enjoyable wine Franken Wein, also not so well known outside its own territory Germany, this wine made from the Silvaner grape is as dry as steel, but possesses lots of finesse and goes great with all the fish in question.

It’s a little easier matching wines with oily fish in sauces, you could even try a Loire red such as Chinon or Saint-Nicolas de Bourgueil , they do have the dryness and acidity to counter the oily flavours. With whites you could try a Muscadet Sur Lie or Chilean Sauvignon Blanc, both will bring pleasure to you and your fish course. An example of a classic fish dish in a sauce would be mackerel baked in a piquant mustard and white wine sauce. This notable combination would be well suited to either a White or Rose Sancerre.


MAIN DIRECTORY:—–click on   http://ahadleigh-wine.com/marriageoffoodandwine.php  to access our quick search facility to locate hundreds of other food/wine/food pairing options, including hors-d’oeuvres, starters, soups, main courses and desserts. Also http://ahadleigh-wine.com/cheese/ for cheese and wine pairing.


NEXT ARTICLE:—–Roast Lamb, Grilled Lamb Chops and Lamb Kebabs.




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