Pere Magloire Calvados

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Pere Magloire Calvados:- In the early 19th century Gervais Magloire became an Innkeeper in Cagny, a village located on the main road between Paris and Normandy. Besides the excellent food and the comfort of the Inn, he also aged his own Calvados. The high quality of his “eau-de-vie” became famous and soon became know as “le Calvados du pere Magloire”. During the 50 years he operated the Inn, the reputation and renown of the Calvados Pere Magloire grew beyond the borders of Normandy and spread all over France.

Pere Magloire use both methods of distillation to create a distinctive range of styles, both aoc calvados and the more specific calvados pays d’auge. Softer single distillation preserves the essence of apple flavours and aromas, giving the calvados the intense and strong taste of its origin. Double distillation of ciders, on the other hand, leads to the selection of the lightest aromatic esters, and produces spirits with floral notes and delicate aromas.

The unrivalled collection of medals awarded to the range in recent years is a testament to the skill with which the distiller and blender use those two styles to create the sublime calvados.

calvados-pere-magloire-vsop-sml2Pere Magloire Calvados Pays D’Auge VSOP

Double distilled in traditional stills, lengthy ageing in oak casks give a unique aromatic richness


Pere Magloire Pays D’Auge XO

An exceptional blend distilled twice and aged in oak casks with a subtle bouquet of apples and long lasting palate

Gold Medal and Best in Class, International Wine and Spirit Competion (VSOP)

Gold Medal and Best in Class, International Wine and Spirit Competion (XO)

Double Gold Medal and Best Brandy, San Fransisco World Spirit Competion (XO)

Silver Medal and Best in Class, International Wine and Spirit Competion (12yo)

Silver Medal and Best in Class, International Wine and Spirit Competion (20yo)

A great way to taste apples !

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Pasta Dishes

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Food and Wine Pairings: Pasta dishes (Continued from Blog “Food and Wine Pairing”)

Introduction:- This Blog and the many more following will examine the pleasurable and often complex relationship between good food and wine, with the utlimate aim to assist our many discerning customers evolve the convivial bonding of good food and wine.

Food Being Featured:- Pasta dishes a a big favourite of so many around the world. A favourable feature dishes contain tastey sauces and these sauces create great flexibility regarding the choice of wine.

Challenges:- The challenge of pairing pasta dishes with wine can be exciting and enjoyable because of the accomodating nature of pasta. Many dishes will equally match a red, white, rose or sparkling wine. Where people have preferences, then you may wish to alter choices of different wine when serving you pasta dishes.

Recommendations:- Pasta is synonymos with Italy and convention often suggests serving Italian wines with Italian pasta dishes.Staying with tradition why not select a full bodied Chianti with a rich meat based dish such as lasagne or pasta with meatballs. Staying with the red wines and being a little experimental, why not pair a lite fruity Valpolicella or Brouilly with a seafood pasta dish flavoursome cheese sauce, the match can be perfect. For white wine lovers, try Pinot Grigio with Fellucine, Alfredo or Macaroni Cheese. For Rose wine lovers, try Le Pas de la Rhone, it’s the perfect match.

Main Directory :- Click on The Marriage of Food and Wine to access our quick search facility to locate hundreds of other food/wine/food pairing options, including hors-d’oeurves, starters, soups, main courses and deserts. Also view Great Friends-Cheese and Wine for cheese and wine pairing.

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Happy Pasta Dishes and Wine Pairing Days

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