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A brand with a prestigious heritage in the making of great ports, OFFLEY today adjusts yesterday’s experience to tomorrows challenges. OFFLEY makes ports of all four main categories : white,rose, ruby and tawny, as well as Late Bottled Vintage Port and classic Vintage Port.

OFFLEY’S history goes back to 1737, the year in which the Englishman William Offley founded the company to which he gave his own name. It is however from the 19th century onwards that the company acquired a new dynamism. In 1831, Joseph James Forrester, a newphew of the founder, joined the company. An academic and an artist, James Forrester was the first person to map the River Douro and its region, as well as to draw maps that became works of reference. He also undertook numerous wine-growing studies and left important graphical works – paintings, drawings and sketches – in which he shows all his passion for the Douro. James Forrester’s contribution to the development of the region where Port Wine is made, as well as to its trade, earned him the title of Baron given to him by the King of Portugal.

offley-whiteOFFLEY WHITE is a rich White Porto wine, full of freshness and youth, created for the enjoyment of many consumers worldwide by Offley, the prestigious brand that combines modernity with almost three centuries of experience.
TASTING NOTES: OFFLEY WHITE PORTO has an attractive yellow-straw hue and an intense aroma dominated by floral,apricot and peach, marmalade and dry fruit notes. The aging in oak wood has ennobled it, increasing its richness and complexity. In the mouth, the balance between acidity and sweetness stands out, culminating in a lingering and elegant finish.
SERVING SUGGESTIONS: OFFLEY WHITE PORTO should be served chilled (about 10C -12C) with dry fruit or salted almonds,appetisers and varied starters. It is surprising also when served with fresh desserts (for instance, vanilla ice-cream with tropical fruits…) or in the Offley Tonic version (in a tall glass serve 1/2 of Offley White Porto, 1/2 of Tonic Water, ice and lemon). OFFLEY WHITE PORTO is ready for drinking and does not require decanting.

offley-roseOFFLEY ROSE is a young rose Porto wine, a fresh and light new flavour proposed by Offley. This new OFFLEY ROSE combines the freshness and delicacy sought in a rose wine with the elegance and charisma normally associated with Porto wine. OFFLEY ROSE is a versatile wine that takes Porto wine category into yet unexplored areas.
TASTING NOTES: OFFLEY ROSE has a light hue,with shades of violet and a fine bouquet of tropical fruits and exotic wood. In the mouth is quite balanced and fresh,with a flavour of tropical fruits and a long and elegant finish.
SERVING SUGGESTIONS: OFFLEY ROSE PORTO is ready for drinking and does not require decanting.It should be served in a large glass, chilled or on the rocks, it makes an excellent aperitif. It may also be enjoyed in cocktails or with tonic water, ice and lemon in a long drink glass.

offley-ruby1OFFLEY RUBY is a young red Porto wine, an accessible classic created for the satisfaction of the many that enjoy this style by Offley.
TASTING NOTES: OFFLEY RUBY PORTO has an attractive and well defined red-ruby hue and lively aroma reminiscent of red fruit with some more complex notes arising from its aging in oak wood.In the mouth, it has a fine balance between sweetness and mature tannins, it is well structured and it has a long finish. Its elegance and liveliness make it the ideal option for those who enjoy young and accessible Porto wines.
SERVING SUGGESTIONS: OFFLEY RUBY PORTO is a versatile wine that goes very well with cheese and assorted desserts, including fresh fruit tarts.Served on its own, chilled or with ice, it is also a surprising option as an aperitif or evening drink.

offley-tawnyOFFLEY TAWNY is an elegant red Porto wine, a tawny wine with a classic style, both with maturity and freshness, created for the satisfaction of the many that enjoy this style.
TASTING NOTES: OFFLEY TAWNY has an attractive red-tawny hue, typical of an older wine, a delicate aroma reminiscent of ripe red fruit and enhanced by dry fruit notes that provide it with an added complexity. In the mouth, there is a fine balance between soft tannins and natural sweetness which combine harmoniously towards an elegant and fine finish.
SERVING SUGGESTIONS: OFFLEY TAWNY PORTO is a very versatile and attractive wine, ideal with traditional desserts, from creme caramel to apple, almond and cream tarts.Served chilled it is an excellent aperitif and goes well with some salted starters.

offley-lbvOFFLEY LATE BOTTLED VINTAGE 2004 is a top quality wine of single fine year, bottled between the 4th and 6th year following harvest in the traditional L.B.V. style.
TASTING NOTES: OFFLEY LATE BOTTLED VINTAGE 2004 shows a very deep, intense ruby red colour and full aromatic concentration. Its aromas are very elegant and complex with predominance of full ripe red black fruit as well as balsamic aromas and cinnamon. In the mouth, it has a very good balance between acidity and tannins that give great harmony and the complexity typical of the Offley style. This is a wine which can be enjoyed young and will age well for some years.
SERVING SUGGESTIONS: OFFLEY LATE BOTTLED VINTAGE 2004 is a classic and powerful Porto wine ideal to serve at the end of a good meal, on its own, with cheese or intense desserts like chocolate. Serve in a good sized glass, slightly cold fo fuller appreciation. OFFLEY LATE BOTTLED VINTAGE 2004 may require decanting, following some years of ageing in bottle.


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