Food and Wine Pairing—Chicken

17 June 2009 9:27 am | Posted by siteadmin

(continuation from blog  “ Food and Wine pairing”  dated  2nd June  2009)

INTRODUCTION:—–this blog and the many more following will examine the pleasurable and often complex relationship between good food and wine, with the ultimate aim to assist our many discerning customers evolve the convivial bonding of good food and wine.

FOOD BEING FEATURED:—–CHICKEN, including ROAST CHICKEN, DEEP FRIED CHICKEN and GRILLED or BARBECUED CHICKEN.  ( roast or grilled guinea fowl would also be a good alternative )

CHALLENGES:—–chicken plainly cooked or grilled without strong herbs or spices is the perfect white meat to match most red, white or rose wines ( not sweet wines ). In fact these dishes are so wine friendly you can feel most confident in selecting one of your own favourite wines and to fully enjoy the pairing.

RECOMMENDATIONS:—–my favourites for matching chicken dishes are many and the following three come highly recommended. First would be a light fruity red from the Beaujolais Cru region, a Julienas from Domaine de la Vieille Tour Ronde,  there would be perfect harmony between the light, long lasting subtle flavours of the gamay grape with all the chicken dishes mentioned above.

My second selection would be a stunning roses from Provence in the South of France, Whispering Angel from Chateau d’Esclans. A little expensive for a rose you may well say, but roses from Chateau d’Esclans are in a class of their own and will turn a simple chicken dish into a banquet fit for kings.

For my third choice I have selected a New World white wine from Monterey California, a Hayes Ranch Pinot Grigio. This light buttery wine is much softer than its Italian cousin and has a long, lingering fruit driven aftertaste that goes very well with most chicken dishes hot or cold.

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