Butlers Van Der Hum Liqueur

29 November 2011 12:50 pm | Posted by siteadmin

The earliest Cape Liqueur of South Africa

An inimitable tangerine flavoured liqueur, Butlers Van Der Hum Liqueur is produced in the Cape winelands of South Africa. A blend of aged potstill brandy, wine distillate, tangerine peel, herbs and secret spices. The extracts are sweetened with glucose and cane sugar syrup.

When the first European settlement was established at the foot of Table Mountain by the Dutch East India Company in 1652, it was found that the climate and soil were ideally suited to the cultivation of grapes. Soon the first wines were being produced and brandy distilled. One drink that found particular favour, also among the early mariners following the Cape Sea Route, was this distinctive master blenders liqueur. butlers_edited-1

Try a warming sip-mix 1 shot of Butlers Van Der Hum Tangerine Liqueur with 1 shot of Sandeman Imperial Spanish Jerez Brandy.Relax and Enjoy.


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