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FOOD and WINE PAIRING—TUNA, MARLIN and SWORDFISH DISHES  (continuation from blog  “ Food and Wine pairing”  dated 11th May 2010)

INTRODUCTION:—–this blog and the many more following will examine the pleasurable and often complex relationship between good food and wine, with the ultimate aim to assist our many discerning customers evolve the convivial bonding of good food and wine.

FOOD BEING FEATURED:—–TUNA, MARLIN and SWORDFISH. The steaks being grilled, panfried or baked. Larding these type of fish steaks can also enhance the texture and flavour.

CHALLENGES:—–The three fish in question can be compared in a little way with the tender texture and delicate flavour of a top quality Sirloin, Wagyu or Kobe Steak. These three game fish have totally different flavours to the more widely available white seafish from the colder seas of Western Europe.

RECOMMENDATIONS:—–With intense flavoured fish like Tuna, Marlin and Swordfish our choice of wine is varied.
For all three fish we can recommend light red wines such as Julienas from the Beaujolais region of France,or Sangiovese Rosso Toscana from Tuscany in Italy.

For white wines we would suggest a full bodied wine such as Jane Hunters’s oaked Sauvignon Blanc from New Zealand and also a full flavoured Rhone white such as Pas de la Beaume Blanc from Cave de Cairanne.

A very good quality sparkling Rose such as Chateau Montgueret Saumur Brut Rose will be a superb pairing with either of the three fishes in question.   
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