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O'Donnell Moonshine Roasted Apple,

O\'Donnell Moonshine Roasted Apple is a smooth and tempting moonshine liqueur made from almond, apple, cinnamon and vanilla blended with the High Proof Moonshine spirit, the flavour is then tied together with a squeeze of lemon added just moments before bottling. Extremely versatile in cocktails, but especially great over ginger beer or over ice,

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700ml £23.70

O'Donnell Moonshine Tough Nut,

O\'Donnell Moonshine Tough Nut is a soft and velvety moonshine liqueur made from hazelnuts, caramel and nougat with the High Proof spirit. The Tough Nut is a delight to drink both neat and also with milk or coffee.

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700ml £23.70

O'Donnell Moonshine Bitter Rose,

O\'Donnell Moonshine Bitter Rose is a moonshine liqueur made from a blend of the High Proof spirit alongside a mixture of sharp, acidic grapefruit notes that combine beautifully with fruity accents of rose hip. The distinctive red colour comes from the addition of black elderberry. Its distinctive red colour, citrus notes and bittersweet taste makes this liqueur a truly unique temptation. Delicious neat and in a variety of summer drinks,

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700ml £23.70

O'Donnell Moonshine High Proof,

O\'Donnell Moonshine High Proof is a triple distilled, filtered, crystal clear spirit created using only the finest quality ingredients. Bottled in original Mason Jars imported directly from the USA. A reminder of the past while being a symbol of the simplicity and purity of its content - from the period of American history known as the Prohibition and the illegal alcohol distilled during the era called Moonshine.

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700ml £37.55